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    Should I really be doing this?

    Mine finally arrived on Saturday! Yaaaaay!!!
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    Dutch AB/DL media coverage

    I'm just gonna go ahead and fave this...
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    What cute babyish clothes do you like to wear in public?

    I like my Tykables stuff! Specially the jeans with the prints on the inside so my cuffs show them off! ^_^
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    Dear Little One,

    Scuse me... got some dust in my eye.
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    Ab/dl Nick Name generator

    From now on, you shall refer to me as... Potty crinkles Oh. *blush*
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    HELP!!! Need help finding something (weird)!

    Sounds like the 'planet of the giants' series of captions to me.
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    Should I really be doing this?

    I mean... he may as well wear the cute mint-green one that comes with the dress! ^_^
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    Baby formula

    Yeah, at first it tasted a bit like graham cracker but the immediate aftertaste was not pleasant. I do likes me some ensure from the bottle, though! ^_^
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    Should I really be doing this?

    Excitement! Haha!!! I have short hair, though, so no fancy doo's for me. :sweatdrop:
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    Should I really be doing this?

    Well, I ordered mine a few days ago and the ETA is October 20th to ship; I got to try on some of her handiwork recently though and it's sooooo worth it! (I bought the lemon colored set for myself!)
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    Should I really be doing this?

    You maked a good choice! I loooooove her work! ^_^
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    Whelp. That was embarassing.

    Thanks! I'm working on some new Green Screen stuff now! ^_^
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    A dream doctor visit

    McDonalds with Mommy, for sure.
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    Whelp. That was embarassing.

    Soooo, I posted a pic of myself thinking it was in a closed group on the facebooks. Apparently, I need to check my eyes because I posted it publicly. 3 seconds later and one 'laughing' emoji reaction and I fixed it... still. Whoops! :sweatdrop: I don't expect anything to come of it, but let...
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    Open minded me

    D'aww! Well, I hope so! Those babies need mommies and daddies! Never really imagined I'd have that power. :laugh: