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  • Illegal where? In the US they are completely legal, but in California they are not exactly legal. There is a fine line that makes them one way or the other. Most companies that import them will not sell to people in California due to the questionable legal status in this state. All of mine are token in token out, and have been modified to never allow them to take currency. I specifically put epoxy over the adjustments and rails to prevent them from being converted to take quarters. It would take a lot of work to reverse what I did. I have a contact from Japan that imports them, and he will sell to me because he knows what I do to them. I have a total of 20 pachinko and pachislo machines in my collection from the early 60's up to 2007 models. I have titles ranging from Goku Midnight Eye (Japanese Anime), to Star Trek, and Looney Tunes.
    im good thanks :) just wearing my collar and playing music loud, but im the only one awake in the house, so i cant be too loud
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