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  • Yeah. He has charisma and is quite a gentleman. Anyway, that's beside the point. I think he will run the country better than McCain would.
    *high-faves back* Yeah! I hope he really is able to change our economy for the better.

    My mom keeps asking me "why do you like Obama so much?" and I can't really give her a direct answer. I mean, I like what he says about change for our country, etc etc... but I can't just flat out say "becauase I think he's so handsome!"

    ...I'm not sure what she would do. o_o
    Even when I get enough sleep during the week, it never seems like I really do. I guess it's just the fact that I get up early 5 times a week.

    Anyway, I wanted Obama to win and I got my wish! ^.^
    Yeah I sure hope so!! I'm getting sleepier and sleepier as the days go by. Oh well.

    Anyway, I can't remember if the voting age is 18 or 21. If it is 18, did you vote today?
    just chillin hit me up on YIM sometime! :)
    ALSO post 1 more posting and u will reach 300! :)
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