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    Hi I am Pandr I am A Babyfur Panda

    so glad to have another babyfur to talk to
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    Rearz NEW Lil Squirts nappy

    looks like it would be comfortable
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    What song can you not stop listening to?

    animal by three day grace
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    currently wearing depends
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    Suggestion chatroom

    why r ur email accounts deleted?:disgust::SHOCKED::SHOCKED:
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    Brought my self a nice birthday present

    happy b-day to all and to all a good diapering:paci:
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    The Lion Guard Pull Ups

    i so want a pack of those:cloud9:
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    My mom found my diapers!!

    same thing happened to me when my mom found my diapers. and kept telling myself why didn't i hide them better.:wallbash:
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    Guide to Plushies

    i have a rainbow dash plushie is that weird?:dunno:
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    The Heart wants what the heart wants

    when ur a kid you dont have to worry about anything. but as soon as you turn 18 people start telling you how to live your life and it sucks:logicwinsagain:
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    Bronycon!! Any fellow DL/ab bronies going.

    i would if i could but i can't:frown:
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    First diaper mess

    i never actually messed in a diaper before. but the first time i wet in a diaper it felt a little weird but i got use to it.
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    Never tried diapies

    wearing diaper fills really good.
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    I've been caught finally.

    just say mom can we talk about what u found on my bed. and say what u fill. cause if u dont the worry will start to affect the way u handle other things in life:patpat: