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  • Well, it's just my opinion, but now you have an incentive to buy diapers. If it's an overactive bladder, go consult a professional. Perhaps he can prescribe you something, and for night, well, you do the math :p
    So, tell me more. Maybe, what diapers do you often buy?
    As for this site, well, I have been on several forums, and didn't like them. They were too creepy. It took me a while to find this community, but I have enjoyed it.
    Cali is awesome! I love the wheather, especially. Well, my story is: I have always wanted to be a baby, wear diapers, and somehow be a dog/fox. This was when I was around 6 or 7 years old. But the three ideas where searate! It sounds dumb, but I didn't asociate all these until I was 12, and had the opportunity to finally try a diaper. It was so spontanious. I remember- it was a Huggies Snug & Dry size 3 :p Well, after further thinking, and researching, I found out I was a TB also. And BF just sort of came along.
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