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    Where do you guys live

    Rhode Island USA
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    Where is everyone from

    Rhode Island USA
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    Abena M4s Suck

    Same here
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    Buying adult baby things

    Thanks everybody for your help. I appreciate it
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    Buying adult baby things

    So me and my girlfriend are looking to buy a bunch of adult baby items. You know diapers, bibs, bottles, pacifiers, onsies, plastic pants, sailor suits, hi chairs, cribs, well you get the idea. Problem is we dont really know where to go to find this kinda stuff. Anybody know of any good places...
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    How many of you actually thoroughly study AB related things/topics?

    I read what i can, but as said before there isn't much out there that i didn't already know
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    On Tv

    Idk if anyone would be interested, but the national geographic channels taboo program is going to be show a segment about infantilisim. the name of the episode is "fantasy lives" and its airing may 2 at 10pm Just incase your interested
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    Favorite Local Disposable

    Im wondering, whats everyones favorite local brand. You know, like the ones they sell in local stores and supermarkets. Like for example: Depends, Tena, Attends, store brand, ect.
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    new body

    Ehh id probably go for it
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    Overcoming embarrassment?

    You just have to go in and do it. Nobody really cares what somebody else is buying in stores so you shouldn't worry. I know it feels like your wearing a sign that says " im buying this stuff because im a AB/DL", but thats just nerves.
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    Told the Girlfriend; Past tense, a cautionary tale

    Im sorry man, that really stinks she wasn't accepting :/
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    Welcome, I was pretty much the same as you when i joined. Just looking at the forums to see what was brought up. You wont be pushed into revealing any of your private life here if thats your choosing.
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    Hi My Name is Shannon

    Welcome shannon
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    Adult Baby vs. Diaper Lover...

    I had a college professor who used to say that all the time to avoid absolute statements like "always" and "never" lol
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    I saw a girl at my college in a diaper today...

    Granted she could of been just wearing it to get into a club or something, i think somebody who would do that to get into a club might be a little more open to it then just a random person. I would have talked to her.