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    Guess you were a fake, lost your nerve, or fell in with someone special.
    Then again wanted to sound too good. Hey, I understand. I have just thaught you were like many other bi woman I have met.

    I have found that BI-woman WILL piick a man up. Happens to me a lot.
    I am dining alone(I hate to). Some attravtive woman comes right up to me. Starts tallking.
    I am not going to risk bugging the rather immature asexual eurotrash posers that run this joint! So, will sign off.

    Perhaps if you are for real.....I will see you at ONE of the special meetings of Pansexual people who enjoy Gourmet erotosiam
    hi smile. Thank you for writting to me. It seems this site is a G audience. Too many below 21!. Nothing wrong with that. I just assumed it was like many other AB/DL sites.
    Do you really live near me? You are about my age. I think we have much to talk about in privite.

    I am looking for female friends that share this lifestyle. Hope you are for real.
    Hope you were not scared off by some of he critical here. Critical people annoy me.
    If you are for real, write back. I am back from Asia. Had fun.
    Yes, long trips on aircraft is a perfect example of where an ab/dl can really use a diaper.
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