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    Goooooooood, hehehe. I'm about to go out to California for the Summer! :3 I'm so excited~...

    Goooooooood, hehehe. I'm about to go out to California for the Summer! :3 I'm so excited~! Eeep, how are youu?
  2. SlowBro

    Whats your OS set up

    Running Peppermint OS, linux based. I think it's actually more Ubuntu based but I don't recall at the moment.. owo;;
  3. SlowBro

    Meow, thank-you. owo'

    Meow, thank-you. owo'
  4. SlowBro

    ;3 Hahaha, you're siwwey. I don't think it's lame. xD

    ;3 Hahaha, you're siwwey. I don't think it's lame. xD
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    Hiya everyone!

    Gasp! I run Linux! Ubuntu 11.10 to be specific~! :) Hmm, maybe you can help me, I can't get something to work. If you're willing, message me. :< In return, my eternal friendship. I love computers too! :3 And.. ahem, I too are babyfur... >///>; Nice to meet you, Darcin! I hope to talk...
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    Odd Snack Foods

    Human flesh........ Joking aside.. I like plain uncooked corn kernels and raw potatoes(tummy achesx__x;;)
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    You're welcome. :3 Glad to cheer you up.

    You're welcome. :3 Glad to cheer you up.
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    Glaice's Brutal Videos

    You sir, are badass at Doom...
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    wearing to bed with out my wife knowing

    You should go to the doctor and ask for his advice. Or you could show your wife this website: Adult Bedwetting | Incontinence, Nocturia, Enlarged Prostate, and Prolapse Information What doesn't she believe? The enlarged prostate? You could get a note from your doctor?
  10. SlowBro

    Um, hi there.

    My friend just got Sims 2 with a LOT of expansion packs from another friend. xD Sonic is probably my favorite character and I love Sonic the Hedgehog '06 for xbox............ ... Kidding. But I do really love Sonic and have all of the old one's except for Knuckles in Chaotix. D:
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    Pokemon...How disappointing...

    Forgive me for not knowing exactly, oh great one. Did you know Pokemon Red and Green had originally planned for 190 Pokemon? Random fact. Also, Lavender Town's music didn't make you sick, but in the V1 of PM Red and Green there was a higher pitch part in the song that caused some people...
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    Pokemon...How disappointing...

    Actually, the original idea for the HMs in Pokemon were going to be different. Like, instead of Surf, you got a boat. The developers might have thought of a saddle!
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    Pokemon...How disappointing...

    Charizard can learn fly, too. You trade him over to Pokemon Gold and teach him, then trade him back to R/B/Y. Random tidbit, I just realized how irrelevant this was. BUT STILL!
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    Feedback Requested Thank you, babyjess

    Thank you Babyjess! May I wish you the best of luck! Please be safe!
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    Songs that could be (but probably aren't) about infantilism

    This kinda fits here. xD I love this band, I've had the chance to see them and it was crazy. All the members are really nice too, but only speak a little English. :c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCktJna_VTQ