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    Diaper walk

    My partner told me yesterday that even when I haven’t got my nappy on, I still have a slight waddle!
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    Jeans for adult nappy wearers?

    Levi 510s - slightly slim fitting, but I’m not embarrassed to show a nappy bulge - nobody has ever noticed or commented.
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    How Many Unique Diapers have You Tried?

    I’m in UK/Ireland, off the top of my head: 1 Drynites 2 Underjams 3 Asda bedwetting pullups 4 Pampers Baby Dry 5 Aldi Sana Pullups 6 Boots Staydry Nappies 7 Boots Staydry pullups 8 Tena Slips 9 Tena Pants 10 Molicare Slip 11 Molicare Pullups 12 ID Slip 13 Euron Form 14 Rearz Safari 15 Betterdry...
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    Why is Ireland such an ABDL Desert?

    I moved to Dublin 6 months ago and I’m incredibly underwhelmed at how sparse the ABDL scene is - I cant seem to find any AB friends, it seems to be far more low key than in the UK. Finding good quality plastic backed nappies is also a challenge - Luckily I return to the UK by car/ferry every...
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    Does anyone feel they can't pursue a certain career because of ABDL?

    I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, but as I’m diaper dependant for IC issues, I’d never be able to wear a leotard/tights without it being very very obvious that I’m wearing a nappy!
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    New idea.. Least Favorite ABDL diaper?

    They don’t swell enough for me!
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    New idea.. Least Favorite ABDL diaper?

    Nappies R Us Little rascals - really really dislike the design and the way they swell, too much pulp!
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I was wearing a Rears Safari but ended up filling it with poop unexpectedly :( Now in a plastic Abena L4 until I go to bed
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    Changing On the Go

    Costco in the UK has the american style cubicles, hate changing in them!
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    Tykables Dubblers - SAP Explosions

    Hi, I’ve started using Tykables Dubblers in my nappies and I’m hugely dissapointed how susceptible they are to bursting sap everywhere when they’re used - the whole point is that they take a good soaking before going through to the main nappy :( really dissapointed as no other boosters do this...
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    UK Drynites alternatives?

    They’re completely inferior to Drynites in my opinion - cheap and leaky!
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    ABDL Cornwall, UK

    I spend 4 nights a week living in a hotel in Camborne - what a dump!!
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    Best ABDL nappies/diapers?

    Definitely indulge in some Tena Slip Active Fits - Ultima are awesome for nighttime and Maxi’s are great for daytime. Very medical, but will never ever let you down!
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    3 hour dentist appointment

    I’m having some major dental work tomorrow, so much so that its taking 3 hours under local anaesthetic - this is bad enough, but also have the misfortune of being heavily incontinent. I’m concerned about my nappy situation, particularly as I’m likely to use it excessively if I experience any...
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    Finding Bambino Magnifico’s in the UK!

    I’m absolutely desperate to try and find some Bambino Magnificos in the UK - NRU haven’t had any in Stock for months and even a search on Google is proving fruitless. Any pointers?