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    Free ABDL avatars

    😮 I need a better/new avatar, and it free being free is great! The games I like are and Minecraft. A cute bunny that has a crescent moon in the background would be lovely! If you want, he could be sleeping as well. 😄
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    does your bedroom give away your abdl

    I think if someone didn't have much to go off of and saw stuffed animals they wouldn't think of you as abdl. My experience is pretty limited so, idk about the comforter. ;D
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    This is the inside of an IBM server!
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    Do some AB's like to suck their thumbs?

    Yeah, I've been using my thumb all my life (I'm left handed and use my left thumb). Don't think a pacifier will ever be able to beat it, if their was one that could though, I would try it. I've tried a few pacifiers but haven't found one I can use long term yet. Hope to soon though as it would...
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    Had an awesome day yesterday, lost a bet to the girlfriend.

    Glad you and your gf had a good time! ;) Cherish those forever ma guy.
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    Thumb sucking

    Have you always sucked your thumb? I have a pacifier but I never really use it long term like my thumb. Guess it might have to do with the quality of it but idk. Have you recently gotten back into it? I know with me never stopping and at the same time not ever being able to do it outside of...
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    Thumb sucking

    Yeah, I feel like that will happen to me. I've done it at home with friends over on accident but thankfully all the times I caught myself before they noticed (or they saw me and didn't care/say anything). Whats strange for me tho is my little brother also sucks his thumb, but he's never lived...
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    My roommate might be AB or a Little?

    I have multiple stuffed animals on my bed all the time. Friends don't say a word. Guess it is because I've had a few of them for so long that its not weird. idk.
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    Where is everyone from?

    how? dm? discord?
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    Where is everyone from?

    as well do I
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    Where is everyone from?

    nice, near warsaw for me. ;)
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    Where is everyone from?

    I am also from Indiana. In the northern regions of the state tho.
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    Best pacifier for thumb sucker?

    I ask this amazing community for suggestions, I am trying to find a suitable pacifier for myself. I have sucked my thumb the entirety of my life as I know it and I don't believe one will ever be able to replace my thumb, but I'm looking for one that comes close. Their are a few reasons why I...