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    24/7 in cloth

    I was just wondering, has anyone out there gone 24/7 with cloth. I see a lot of 24/7 posts about disposables but i imagine cloth would be much harder. But is it worth it?
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    favorite disney movie

    Absofreakinlutely! TOYSTORY 4EVS!
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    Cloth Diapers - A Few Questions

    1:The first major difference i felt when i switched to cloth is the swelling. Obviously cloth diapers dont swell so the thickness stays the same. Also its a lot easier to tell when you are wet because you can feel the wet cloth. 2: Yes you can wash a cloth diaper but i would advise against it...
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    first project! cloth diaper go!

    I once tried to hand sew myself a diaper. It didn't turn out well...... I resolved to wait till i had a machine to try again. It cost me $180 and it was worth every cent. You should consider saving up for one yourself. Plus you can make AB clothes as well. If you haven't already you should...
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    30 rock

    I saw that episode and frankly Abi Flynn just pissed me off. That's all i can say really
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    Forced into diapers

    A lot of ABDLs have the fantasy of being forced into diapers. has anyone actually tried that? How did it go down?
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    Your own nursery

    I know a lot of people have considered having a nursery in their house. Has anyone out there actually done that? And how has it worked out?
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    the feet in footed pyjamas

    A while back i made a footed sleeper, but the thing is i had real trouble figuring out how to make the feet. I got a pattern for a child and just modified the sizing but instead of instructions for the feet they just rounded the feet off with a sort of half circle kind of like the handle of most...
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    mixing AB and locks

    I must say i agree. High chairs and car seats would be a lot of fun. I once saw this video of a guy who was tied down to a bed with a ridiculous amount of buckles and straps, and ever since then i've wanted to do the same. Mostly because of how over the top it was!
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    Money orders

    So i want to buy some plastic pants. Now as you can imagine i don't want my parents knowing about this so i cant use their credit card. So i wanted to use the Money Order system. The problem is i don't quite know how that works. i have a sort of an idea, but i would like it to be a bit clearer...
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    Adult high chair on a budget

    I myself am fairly handy when it comes to furniture construction. So when i have the time, space and money for it i plan to make all sorts of ab furniture. You can find heaps of designing programs on the net (off the record ........piratebay!) or you can buy them at any computer store. Once you...
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    Cloth diapers= A cheap alternative to plastics.

    I like cloth diapers better because of the bulk. I like plastic backed disposables too but i prefer cloth. Plus you can find some really soft cloth diapers out there, it's like wearing a cloud:)
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    Wetting your diapers at night

    I tried to make myself wet at night a few years ago with some success. What you should do is wet either when you are in bed going to sleep or immediately after you wake up. Eventually your body willstart to associate sleepiness with wetting an will find it easier to wet while your asleep. It...
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    What do you think? ;o

    I think for me it was whenever i would see diapers in the super market. I would always think i wish i could wear diapers, then i wouldn't have to get up when i was watching tv. Looking back that seems really lazy but you know... whatevs
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    See heres the thing, i know that for most people being a homemaker is a bad thing. But i just don't see that. I think that it would be great to be able to wake up in the morning make your husband/wife breakfast then see them off with a hug and a kiss. Then spend the morning doing all the little...