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  • Far enough, to each his own. It's not like it's my farourite comedy of all time, give me some monty python, red dwarf or black books any day.
    Cool beans. I totally understand if you're busy w/ other stuff, but at the same time it's a great story so I'm glad you're still writing. Looking forward to the next update, whenever it arrives.
    Hey- do you have any plans to update The South Country? I've enjoyed the story a lot so far, so I'm curious to know if there's more coming.
    I really dig that your personal space is Hugh Gallagher's 3A essay. That man is my hero.

    Also, is that thing in your profile picture a chicken on fire? That's some surreal shit there, man.
    I've always been curious how users get custom words under their username in forum posts. Like where yours says "This room is tall"... How do you do that?
    I can't believe senior Chang is one of your favorite characters, I would've figured you as more of an Abed.
    Eh, not too much. I'm just busy with work and school a lot, as well as running a few websites. Good to see you back around :).
    I just got around to reading the novel-of-a-comment you left on Sitting the Winstons. That must have been exhausting, but I appreciate the shout out.
    The closest thing I have to you in your absence would probably be my rabbit, fair trade.
    I would love to regale in the stories of your youth.
    Just call it a discus, you'll sound smart and well-versed.
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