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    I've got twin tipped Rossignols, but they are getting a bit too small for me so I might have to get another pair, they work great though ^^ here's the exact model: Rossignol S4 Squindo Skis
    It's okay, we got a couple inches today, so I might head up to the Highlands :)
    Hey, nothing interesting... It's snowing on and off here in Buffalo NY. When it starts up (every hour or so) it snows sideways...
    How about you?

    I am already missing football season, 5 more months till preseason starts up!
    Congratulations to the New York Giants!
    Hey there, noticed you pop into the IRC/Live chat. Normally it isn't as quiet as it is now, but it should get more active later on, so think about popping back in sometime soon if you'd like.-Mike.
    if i still have it, i dont know how id send it to you, i might just be able to do it by email, il get back to you when iv found it :)
    That's awesomely close! If only you had joined before going to college. I hope to go up to Binghamton next year. If you ever go home for the holidays, let me know, maybe we can meet up.
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