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    How did you become ABDL?

    Hi and welcome to the community. sorry to read what happened to you growing up. I had a mental breakdown and needed psychotherapy help. it was through this I found out that I am a Little and spending time with my in child and in little space was important for me. Be ABDL has helped me a...
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    To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question... --What was the longest time you have gone without wearing diapers???

    I have always been a Little (peter pan syndrome.) for ages I did know what it is. until a psychotherapist explained it to me. spending time in Little space is really important for me and my mental health. as I started to find out about my in child and spending time in Little space, trying...
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    Caregiver vs self care

    I would say it down to what each person is in to. for me regressing into Little space is easier and nicer with a caregiver also the right caregiver can hold me in little space until it is time to come back up. but I don't need to have a caregiver to have Little space-time, I do have to do...
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    Do I just going for it?

    thank you for this and yes I do wont to keep the choice and I don't really wont to become incontinent and Yes I really don't want this, old wet man small is something that I am really conscious of IF did start to wear to work I would need to have a changing bag so I could have a change in my...
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    Do I just going for it?

    Hi everyone. I started to wear diapers a long time ago. first, to see what it felt like. and then when I spent time in little space as when I regressed I would get into the headspace so much that I wouldn't realise I need to the toilet until it was too late. My Flat is an unusual design as...
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    Advice For Meeting Other ABDLs

    When ever I meet someone for the first time it always in a public place. Some thing like pizza hut. Nothing to much the first time and see how thing go. If that goes OK you could try out see a move or something. Hope that helps.
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    Reward chart for me and my big.

    Hi all This leads on from And My Big and I are putting to gether a reward chart. I am trying to thing of thing that I van put on it for...
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    I up set my Big and now I am in trouble

    I think all is forgiven, I made him a nice chicken pasta bake for dinner and we went for a walk. And we have chatted about when I am Little and a brat. (And no I not a brat all the time. But I am Little allot/ it just I can be my self around him so my child like personality is prettymuch...
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    Chore Charts for Littles

    My Big and I need to do something like this.
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    I up set my Big and now I am in trouble

    Yea I know. That what I up set about today now I have come off the sugar rush. I am such a brat at time when I go Little. And I just don't think things through. And now I hurt my best friend someone that know about by AB side and except me for being a Little. I just don't know what I can...
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    Alexander's Summer

    Y Yea the best things are worth waiting for.
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    I up set my Big and now I am in trouble

    No I didn't get spanked he told me off and I did get night time cuddling and I had to stand in the corner and think about what I did. I said that I was sorry. But then he asked why I was sorry. So I said that I was sorry I got caught. I don't think I should have said that.
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    I up set my Big and now I am in trouble

    Hi everyone I was a good Little yesterday did my homework and we went in to town. I even had a nap when I was told. My Big gave me ice cream as a treat For be good, ice cream gives me to much sugar and I end up being a drat. I was told that I was not allowed any more chocolate before bed...
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    Are there any abdls out there that know others?

    yes I have lots of friends that I have meet through this site and through going on meet up (age play events.) If you wont to have play dates or meet with a big/caregiver the best way is to put your self out there and get your self know. as long as you are careful and be clear what you want...
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    Group Photo

    going Life to right: Toothless the dragon, Peter Rabit: Mary bear, Tomie Baer, Rory the lion, Picard, Tyrone and the Boys Billy and Bonnie.