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    baby food

    You can always use a blender and puree your food. When raising my children its what I did.
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    AB/DL and psychologists

    If you are not able to be open and honest with your therapist, who can you be open and honest with? As a professional the therapist is there for you, none judgmental, supportive, guiding, and assisting the client to figure out what works and what doesn't. As a client I told my therapist. On...
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    I belonged to DPF. I bought some things from them and enjoyed the stories. I met a few and even got to ahve a couple of real time meetings. That was a lifetime ago.:smile1:
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    Unfortunately, this is not right. Together, we did even this out.
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    That is OK. We will succeed!:smile1:
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    How many panties...?

    All of my undies are panties. I especially like the ruffled ones (square dance or tennis panties). My favoritest are the ruffled pink satin covered plastic panties worn over diapers.:laugh:
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    Not understanding how not following directions.:dunno:
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    I'm a bigger sissy. I also enjoy being in diapers and plastic panties ( especially ruffled covered satin plastic panties). I really enjoy wearing sissy square dance panties and there is a huge assortment on ebay. I'm such a sissy when I'm wearing ruffles.
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    Diapers (yesterday, today, tomorrow) always wetting.
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    sissy names

    My Name I'm sissy kd. If I'm out shopping then I'm kayde. I chose this name because it is a combination of my first & last name's initial. I really id as a sissy. sweet diapered and girlish. I'm always tucked to have a flat front, always diapered to pee on my butt. and ready to suck my thumb...
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    Scary Close Call

    I was at the bank before it opened and the parking lot was empty. I required a change. So I took precautions and parked at the very back of the lot by the dumpster but another car drove into the lot before I finished and then the Mall Security car pulled in. He pulled up next to me and asked me...
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    Good Morning!

    Curled up on the couch, sitting on the patio, or my favorite chair reading is a fun relaxing enjoyment. I'm diapered and have my bottle so I am good for hours.
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    Womens overalls

    WalMart has some cute bib shorts.
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    Go now. Play hard. Change later.
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    Good Morning!

    Some of my favorite authors: Craig Johnson - A&E Longmire series. the books are great. Margaret Coel - writes about Arapaho located in and around Lander WY Lee Child - no haven't seen the movie with tom as his character is 6'5" Barry Eisler - the Rain series. Just found him and really enjoying...