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    Most Embarrassing Moment in Diapers?

    “Getting caught” is a nearly universal experience in the ABDL community. All of us have been “in the closet” at some point, if only at the very beginning, and many of us never come out. However, because ABDL desires clearly manifest in early childhood, ABDL children inevitably get caught...
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    Learning to wet

    When I was 24, I got a house of my own with no roommates for the first time, and I finally felt safe to truly explore my desire to wear and use diapers. The first one I tried was the Tranqility ATN, because I read that it was designed to be worn overnight and therefore may have the highest...
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    Do diapers help you cope?

    They help me when I am feeling a lot of anxiety or personal shame.
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    Any “older littles” amongst us?

    I agree with this. I’m usually 8-9 years old and being “forced“ to wear diapers as punishment for bedwetting by a friends mom. In my fantasies she would be over the top with baby talk and very elaborate with the diaper changing to humiliate me, but still in a safe and nurturing way.
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    “Older” Little Ages

    10-12 for me, where I am diaper as punishment for “accidentally“ wetting thr bed, knowing full well that I am too old to Be diapered.
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    Texan Adult Babies

    Near Longview
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    Bare diaper around the house

    For me it was just at-shirt and a diaper. I grew up on the Gulf Coast so It was just too hot and humid to wear anything over the diaper.
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    Do you walk differently as the diaper fills up?

    When I’m wet I duck walk so much that my back gets sore after a while. I find that keeping my thinns from squeezing the diaper in the crotch prevents leaks/press out and makes the diaper last longer.
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    diapr checks

    I’ve never had a diaper check as an adult, but I used to watch a childhood friends mother check his 5 year old brothers diaper involuntarily and in front of company by pulling out the rear wasteland and looking inside. If he was dry she’d give him a quick pat on the butt and tell him to go play...
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    Which would you prefer?

    For me it’s a 10-11 year old who keeps”accidentally” wetting the bed and is put into diapers by a babysitter as punishment/humiliation. The unique combo of knowing I’m too old for diapers while being shamed and humiliated by over the top baby talk would be the bees knees for me.
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    What was your first exposure to abdl community

    My first contact with the community was when I was 11-12 in the early days of the internet in the late 1990s. My grandparents had a web tv in the rom I stayed in and I started staying up late at night browsing the web, first for “pampers size 6” and then for “pampers for adults.” This led me to...
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    would you like to be changed by another person?

    Scary, exciting, and humiliating. Probably the most powerful combo imaginable for me.
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    would you like to be changed by another person?

    OGM there is nothing that would drive me wild like a forced ”diaper check!” I had a childhood friend whose little brother had bedwetting issues and his mother diapered him to shame him. She used to make a big scene about checking his diaper in front of company to humiliate him, and I have never...
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    would you like to be changed by another person?

    I agree with this completely. After a lifetime of hiding and shame, it would be a major catharsis to just let go and trust someone completely and be totally vulnerable this way.
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    Wetting before diaper is completely on.

    I start dribbling uncontrollably as soon as I fasten the tapes