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  • Looks like the conversation closed a few months back. :/ I found it though!
    I don't wear briefs anymore (although, I made the switch to boxer-briefs around 14 or 15 -- like others, b/c of peer pressure). I'm mostly just into diapers -- although I prefer to have underwear on over them (holds them in place, keeps things quiet...). (I stuff all sorts of things into my pants to get the feel of diapers -- diapers work the best though =P.) If I'm an AB, I'm not much of one. I guess I like "going back" to not needing the toilet (why adults can't prefer certain methods of elimination baffles me) but appreciate most of my other adult privileges/responsibilities. I can understand getting underwear with cartoon characters (even though I never have) if they help you regress/relax/remember. If it's just plain white briefs -- that's cool too. I think if there's one thing that this forum makes obvious, it's: wear what you like! And maybe also: let the "why" and "who cares" work themselves out.
    Sorry, haven't been on here in forever. Can't find the question you asked... hopefully you found an answer. o_O Don't know when I'll be back on, but if you still have a question, I can try to answer it the next time I'm on.
    I make them myself from bits and pieces of art I find here and there on the internet. I use different art programs ranging from MS-paint to gif animator to GIMP. The pieces work best if the backgrounds are erased and left transparent. Then it's easy to layer the pieces into a single picture. The possibilities become endless really.
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