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  • It's not that i'm uncomfortable, it just seems like a bit to a waste to spend $10 to transfer 1 pokemon...oh well, I traded away the masterball to have someone else do it last night. =/

    wanna still exchange FCs? mine's in my sig
    Sorry, if I'm being a pest...but i thought I'd ask again.
    My team is finally around level 50, and I thought now might be a good time to tranfer my pumpkaboo.

    I don't wanna be a burden. If you have better things to do, I'll understand.
    Ah, I was considering getting a WACOM tablet myself for my own art. Would you say there is anything I should know before considering purchasing one? And what do you like best about using a tablet, versus using paper, pencils and inks?
    seemed like a bit of a waste.
    I was only wanting to transfer over a few pokemon. I've managed to trade most of them over using the gts, but I have one left. (the pumpkaboo from the event)
    It's at level 50, and since the others were level 1, I'm not in a hurry to trade it over...and I thought this might make for a good excuse to exchange FCs.
    ok...that intro with the old graphics threw me off for a sec >.<
    after I finish catching some pokemon to trade away; you able to help me transfer some over from xy?
    oh well, that frees up a move on noivern. (planning out what my pickup/in-game team is gonna be.)

    what's your team so far?
    You know if ORAS has the trees/rocks in the background of battles that you can get items off of; like in XY?
    Huh, so it is simple as that. I was just curious to see if there was some kind of underlying enigmatic theme behind that. So thanks. :D
    Too much work on your bread either way. PoisonSnivy has been crazy w/out you *No homo* for the past few months. You missed so much. He has been chilling, almost everyone enjoys my company here and I'm almost a DC+ just need 1 more point, etc...
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