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    are tykables really THAT good?

    i’ve worn them for quite some time. the tapes are good and never gave me trouble on the newer designs (the older phased out design did give me some trouble). In terms of absorbency they hold a lot and the only issues I ever had was one or two leaks from the leg guards, but I didn’t tape them on...
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    Guilty Pleasures?

    Garlic bread. Now you may be thinking “Oh that isn’t so bad,” but I mean a LOT of garlic bread. I would go through about 18 garlic knots in one sitting.
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    Anime adaptations you would like to see

    Personaly feel the books could stand alone story wise. Also I am not away of a tunnel series tv show. I’m referring to the one with the Styx and the underground civilization.
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    Anime adaptations you would like to see

    For me, the ones I’d like to see are based off of books: - Fable Haven - Daniel X - Pendragon - Leven Thumps - Tunnel Series Each one of those was a good series of books
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    Do you ever remember being changed?

    I do have one memory. My family was going to six flags great america, I think I was about two and a half or about three years old at the time. I recall my brothers and sisters hopping out of the car (suv) and going ahead with my dad. One of them unbuckled me and my mom had checked to see if I...
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    I’d just boycott them. Hit them where companies seem to only have any feeling these days, in the pocket book.
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

    Xbox one gamer here. Been playing Warframe, Fallout 4, Shadow of War, For Honor, and Halo 5. If there are any other xbox one Warframe players here, don’t be afraid to be pm me. Need a certain prime piece? I’ll keep an eye out for it.
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    I just can’t wait for their store in Mt. Prospect to restock. I can’t order online as my card/finances are tracked 24/7 by my father and my parents monitor all packages to the house. Tykables were the first ABDL diapers I’ve ever gotten my hands on and I’ve vouched for them since. Because of my...
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    You're granted one diaper-related wish, what is it?

    That my family would become tolerant, if not accepting, of my ABDL side, so I don't have to keep hiding my childish side behind the mask that is my "serious and can't take a joke" personality I had to fabricate.
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    Toys R Us

    Currently still a TRU employee (atleast until the two weeks are up) and TRU doesn't plan on closing any of its stores during this restructuring. More so, this restructuring is eliminating a huge portion of TRU's debt. Hopefully with the chapter 11 bankruptcy accountant in place, we may be seeing...
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    Caught enjoying your diapers

    One was gaming in my basement in just a t-shirt and doubled up padding. Heard the front door open and thought nothing of it. Hear the basement door open and it was my sister coming down to get her golf bag. I had quickly jumped up and was getting my pajama bottoms on when she could first spot...
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    Anyone ever slide down the stairs in just a diaper?

    Funny thing is, despite being 21, I still run up the stairs in my house on all fours. My parents are just used to it.
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    Tykables now taking orders for there new / improved diapers

    Hey Todd, thanks for the heads up on the arrival date. But yeah, about that earlier email I sent, it just felt a bit off because the in store price of Overnights jumped from $25 to $35; whereas John-Michael had previously told me the reason for the higher online price was for shipping and...
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    Littlespace Muteness?

    I certainly am a quiet little, but I believe it might possibly stem from my mental development at a young age. Uo until I was three I didn't make any kind if baby gibberish, no "gaas, goos, etc", just was silent. In fact, my parents feared I might've been a mute. Now it is hard for people to...
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    So offended right now... my god.

    Actually, there are some true listings of deaths in their 1000 ways, but yeah, most are fabricated or changed from the original.