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  • I'm missing your humour around these parts; it seems like lots of the users on here who age like good cheese are on hiatus. Hope you come back soon!
    May I "friend" you please? If not I understand I guess you don't me but I like reading your stuff. Thank you.
    You seem like a very interesting chick! I would really like talking with ya sometime. I read about some of your fetishes and a couple really interest me. Have you ever done any of that stuff or are you like me a bit bashful about it? Just curious and hope I didn't offend you any. Thanks- Jay (Fryeguy)
    I read your user title ("Mr. Sexy Floral Man") and for a split second I was all like "WTF, Shukkume is a guy? I was wrong that entire time? O.O" - kind of a funny moment (for me anyway).

    Since AFAIK you are still a she, I'd be curious to know where your user title comes from - Mr. Sexy Floral Man kind of sticks out ^^.
    Well bust my buns.
    A friend just happened to introduce Panty & Stocking to me on facebook. Upon watching the first episode, I noticed Panty wiping drool off of her face, and I was all like ">:O SHUKKUME."
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