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  • Oh I did have a good Easter buddy, I went to the Machine Shed here in Rockford (it is a restaurant that has one of those easter buffet deals) and ate myself silly and then went to work and dealt with the nonexistent crowd.

    Then after work I fought the criminals of New York by rolling myself on the ground and as they laughed at me because I had gas from eating the greasy food earlier in the day, and just as importantly at got a brownie at the end of the day!!!!! Yay!!!!!
    Thanks for the Add on my friend. I am just messaging you to wish you a very Happy Easter.
    You know I'm not really sure on that because I almost exclusively use manual focus. Yeah, the DOF with that lens is so shallow that there is almost no point in getting it if you don't pick up the Ee-S Super Precision focusing screen to go along with it. I think the focusing screen that ships with most Canon bodies tops out at f/2 so you can get away with shooting at a maximum aperture of f/1.8, but when you go all the way down to f/1.2 it is impossible to tell if your're in focus or not.
    I live by harrisburg.

    If you want to talk more pm me, I'm always up for talking to/meeting new people.

    Yo whats up?

    I'm in pa too, I'm 21, how old are you, always lookkng for new friends my age.

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