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  • Haha, didn't even look at the person, was more captivated by the camera :p

    Side note: ~$800 lens on a 40 year old body? Win.
    Your quote is oddly written (says the non hindi speaker lol) because the letters are not conjucted, which really confused me for a minute. I wont give it away and honestly I wish I didn't translate it because now the mystery is gone. Nice quote though, not as spectacular as I had hoped, but you can't go wrong with the Great Soul. Do you speak hindi? The reason I was able to work with it is because I learned devanagari to study sanskrit. Hindi sounds like a fun hobby down the road though.
    Your signature is intriguing. I'm wondering what language. Looks a lot like Sanskrit to me but a lot of south/south-east asian orthography looks the same to me. (Sorry, if you get this all the time. But note I didn't ask you disclose the translation.)
    You mentioned manicures -- I enjoy them too, because I freaking hate hangnails ... but your post reminded me of a new product out ... nail polishes that are ... manly. Not for me, I'm happy with a nice trim and buff... but just made me think. (I read too much). Be well, and welcome. (My only experience with Japanese on an airplane was on a trip coming back from Melbourne Australia. I was 15, flying solo back to Virginia ... all I could hope they were saying is "clear skies all the way home" ;-)
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