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  • Hello there ^^ saw that you had a pokemon rp you wanted to start and I was interested an posted in the thread ^^ check it out and see if I'm good if your still interested in doing it ^\\^
    LOL, well my family has become a group of rednecks. We all started out farming. Now there is only a few of us that still farm.

    But I got to see a lot of family today at a cousin's birthday party. I like history stuff, and it was really neat to sit around and listen to the older people in the family talk about stuff.
    What year of German are you in? Have you taken many classes before, or is this your first one? I'm pretty rusty, but I grew up speaking German...then forgot it...then took it in High School...forgot it again...then tried to learn it again using Rosetta Stone (That's a great program BTW)

    LOL, I wish I could have taken bowling for my phys ed. I not sure why I had to take it either. At the first College I went to, it wasn't required. But then I transfer and the new school required it.
    Yep, I got a signature. The only thing he was signing was copies of a new book he wrote. There were a few other astronauts there, but I didn't get any of their signatures.

    I hear ya on the work part. That's all I've done this summer too. I've still got some yard work that I need to get done. I think it's time to mow again as well. We've had a pretty dry summer, so it hasn't been too bad. But here in the last few weeks we have gotten some rain. So the grass has been growing pretty good.

    What all classes do you have this semester?
    I'm doing pretty good. What about you?

    I just got home late last night from a road trip, so I'm still pretty tired. Hopefully I'll be rested up by tomorrow morning. Me and a few friends went to Kansas. They have a really neat air and space museum. They had Buzz Aldrin (2nd guy to walk on the Moon), doing autographs there.

    What's been going on for you lately?
    xD Well, you succeeded in bringing together a few people who look like they're able to type in more than a sentence, which is more than what I can say. :p
    The short answer is time, the long answer is its not really needed any more. When I started, oh about 10 years ago now, I was in college and had nothing but time, I was updating twice a week and giving myself deadlines, it got popular quick. After college, in like 2006, I slowed to once a week updates and then once every other week as I moved to Japan. Mainly I was updating with new art and stories people sent in because they didn't have a place to post their stuff. Now though there's FA and DA and blogs where you can post abdl and babyfur stuff. So the site isn't needed as much as it used to be. I'm now married and working full time while I finish my second Master's degree, so I have way less freetime. Some day I'll update it though, I want to turn it into a game site for abdl games :)

    Yeah, I've heard good things about the Cosmosphere. So hopefully it'll be fun. I've never really traveled much in my life. Only left Oklahoma a handful of times. So I'm hoping that it'll be a fun little trip. Hopefully it'll work me up to a bigger trip later this year. I'm going to be going up to New York to see some family. But after talking with family I'll be doing more sight-seeing, and hopefully get to see them some. They've had some things come up, that'll keep them busy and won't be able to go around with me to show me around. But it should still be fun.
    I saw the pictures. Good job man. I've never been really good at art stuff. I'm not sure if I don't have the patience or what. But that's good to hear that you're able to start getting back with old friends. So was it a good end to the semester?

    Dang yeah, I've done stuff like that before. The worst was missing a friend's wedding...same thing...I had the right day but wrong month...I was a month late... But that's good you were both able to laugh about it. I think the next birthday that I'm supposed to go to, is for one of my little cousins. He'll be having it at a water park, which should be pretty fun. I need to have a big party sometime for my birthday. Haven't done anything fun for my birthday, since I was a little kid. What about you? You do anything special? Usually for me, it's just going out to eat with my family.

    Yep, still alive. Storms haven't been around me in quite awhile. Now I've just got this heat to deal with. I looked at the gauge in my truck a few minutes ago, and it was showing 111.

    Harvest in basically done for me. Still a few things to do here and there, but nothing what it was like over the past couple of weeks.

    Anything new or exciting happening for you? I'm thinking about maybe going to Kansas in August. They are going to have Buzz Aldrin there for a book signing at the Cosmosphere. I'm a pretty big fan of space stuff, and I've never seen that museum. I've heard it compared to the Smithsonian.
    I'm glad to hear that you made it out safe. Sorry about your home town. I know a few people that lost their homes there. I've got a cousin that was pretty lucky. It missed her house by a quarter mile or so. One friend that lost her house, she had just bought it and moved in on the 13th of this month. That was real sad.

    I'm not sure about the OKC area, but I know the western part of the state is going to be in trouble tonight. Chance of: tornadoes, baseball size hail, & 70 mph winds tonight...

    Hopefully everything will be OK.
    Yep, doing OK. You making it through the storms OK? We just had another one pass through where I'm at. It looked like it might be bad, but it wasn't terrible. You having a good weekend? I worked for most of the weekend around the house and farm. Got the yard mowed for the first time this year, hay baled and hauled.
    Dang, sorry about finals. You'll make it out OK. But that's pretty cool about having the house to yourself for the weekend. I always like that stuff. I don't have to worry about anyone else.

    I want to go see Iron Man 3 too. I really need to try to do that this weekend. I've been so busy with work, watching the Thunder, and taking care of things out in the yard; I'm really tired. LOL, I don't think I'm going to make it much longer tonight. I have a feeling I'm going to fall asleep here pretty soon.
    Not too bad. Weather hasn't been too bad here in the last week or so. There was a scare that we were going to get snow back on May 2nd. But it missed up, and snowed further up north. LOL, I wished it would have snowed. It would have been the first snow in May that I would have ever seen in my life.

    I will admit that I haven't been getting alot of sleep. But that's because of the Thunder team. We've made it to the semi-finals for the Western Conference. There's a game today at noon. But of the last 6 games played, 5 of them started at 8:30pm, and would end sometime around midnight.

    What about you? What's been going on?
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