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  • My, my! You accumulated a lot of posts over the years... 5k seems in reach soon *giggles*

    I hope you're doing well!
    Well hi! So good to hear from you! Where are you at now? Everything is fine with me. I'm two years cancer free! I still have stress ic though. :(
    Hey Scaramouche,
    It’s been a long time since I was on here. Decided to drop in. How are you doing? I see your profile says you’re IC. Result of the surgery? 24/7 or only occasional wearer?

    I had a bit of an accident 9 weeks ago today. My foot got caught up in table skirting at a brunch in a restaurant, tripping me. Fell on my knee and broke my tibial plateau and the fibula. Needed a plate and 9 screws. Been totally non weight bearing since using a wheelchair and walker (hopping on one leg). There’s been many times I had wished I could just wear instead of using urinals and commodes. Worst was flying this past week and not having any way to get from my seat to the restroom. Hopefully can get back on 2 feet soon.

    Just thought I’d say Hi and hope you’re doing well.
    Yes, I know how to do that. It's just very far down my to-do list right now. There's tons of messes I need to handle, and my inbox is very far down the list. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Hey! I'm sorry about the inbox, I'm actively archiving my messages in Paint so I can clear them, and I will get my messages back to normal ASAP. I'm on Discord, and that's really the best way to reach me, but I'll work on the messages. I'm not sure which report you're referring to, but if its in reference to the troll, I reported his post, since I couldn't figure out how to report the account as a whole. Thanks for checking up on me! :)
    Hey there -- thanks! It happened about two weeks ago or so after my latest post on ABDL acceptance/relationships. I was surprised!
    I'm guessing you'll need to find a technician to do it for you. It'd involve removing the motherboard and flashing the update on it.
    I don't do IT stuff. :p If it's that exact error code, though, it says in Dell's documentation that it means the test timed out - and a firmware update might fix it.

    Did you recently get that laptop fixed, like a month or so ago? I seem to recall you had issues recently ...
    We have a form of dumplings as a traditional dish, but they look very different^^ They're called "Maultaschen" (but I think that translates to dumplings in English as well) and it's also noodle dough with a filling, but they're formed by rolling out the dough into a rectangle, putting the filling on top and then rolling it together. You squeeze the open ends together to form a pocket and ta-da! There you have a nice pillow of tastyness.
    Oh, you mean my profile picture! Now I feel dumb^^"
    That's steamed dumplings, they're a traditional taiwanese/chinese food and suuuuper tasty!
    Hi^^ Do you mean the underwear-looking thing? Well, I got curious about cloth diapers but prefer the pull-up style, so I decided to make myself a pair of cloth "training pants" with optional inserts^^ They're thin enough that I can wear them under pants with only one insert, or under a skirt with more :)
    Oh, $h!t, you're right about that. I didn't think it through beyond the first post. I'm sorry. My advice is to go see the movie as soon as possible so neither of us will have to worry about.

    Or better yet, I'll just tell you how the movie ends: The butler did it. Would I lie to you?
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