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    Going Full Baby

    In a former life, I had a hidden 'baby room.' I had everything - an adult-sized crib, a big highchair, a changing table and toys. I also had a supportive spouse, which made all the difference in that regard. Nowadays, however, I keep everything locked in a rented storage room when not in use...
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    Infant diapering experience increase willingness to diaper adult?

    I was listening to one of Lo's "Dream A Little" podcasts last night and the young lady featured on the show is an AB. She is also a nurse or nurse's aide; she wasn't clear on her precise job title. Anyway, this young lady made the point that when she worked in a hospital environment and had to...
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    How to not waste diapers if you wear at night?

    Here's an idea: Switch to cloth diapers and you can stop beating yourself up for 'wastage.'
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    Infant diapering experience increase willingness to diaper adult?

    I've found that women (I've had no experience with men) who have spent a lot of time caring for 'real' babies are, as a general rule, disinclined to care for an AB. Former nannies and childcare professionals are very hard to 'recruit' as AB sitters, despite their wealth of experience with...
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    FB group

    I'm not sure 'Facebook' and 'secret' belong in the same sentence.
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    Adult Diapers = Mind Blown 😯

    When I first found adult diapers in mid-1982, they came in boxes, not bags. When I finally mustered up the courage to buy some for myself, I was shocked to discover that the adult versions of the time weren’t much like baby diapers. I felt certain I was the only person buying adult diapers...
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    Personal feelings/experiences on coming out as ABDL while dating

    Yes, I’m still married. I finally decided that expecting any one person to fulfill every one of my needs was unrealistic. My wife is also the most incredible woman I’ve ever met, and I could never expect to find anyone else like her.
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    Personal feelings/experiences on coming out as ABDL while dating

    This thread brings back a lot of memories for me. I told my first serious girlfriend after we'd been dating about a year; at that time, there was no internet and I thought I was the only person alive with these fantasies. She was incredulous - infantilism seemed a polar opposite to the sort of...
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    Mommys / daddys

    I've only had one partner try to play the 'mommy' role; she wasn't very good and admitted as much. That was more than 30 years ago; she didn't mind changing me, etc., but there was no role-play. My wife has told me rather emphatically that my infantilism is incompatible with our married life...
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    Does anyone freak out when they hear "diaper" ?

    I think the French word for diaper is 'couche,' but Hakanloaim would be a far better authority. Do the French also use 'couche' as a verb, or only as a noun? And if it's not used as a verb, what is the French equivalent to 'diapering?'
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    The scent of crayons

    Well, I've got to try the Mr Sketch markers! My current nanny is quite artsy and I imagine she'd enjoy showing me how to use them on a whiteboard. Smells that take me back: Baby Magic, Johnson's Baby Wash, Play-doh, Crayons (I can't handle much actual coloring, because the sensation of the...
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    Adult Cot Bedding UK

    Your cot is about 8" longer and 4" narrower than a baby crib mattress. I doubt you'll find anything purpose-made for this size; you might find someone on etsy or a similar site who can hand-make bumpers, sheets, etc.
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    Are there clues that a person may secretly like diapers and wetting in casual conversation.

    I imagine the obvious diaper pin on clothing or bags has gone out of favor. Rose Kennedy wore one as an adult; she kept notes to herself pinned to her dress. Even if I'd spotted one in the 80s and 90s I'd have been wary of approaching the individual displaying it. I have a little game I like...
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    Do you get sudden loss of interest?

    For most ABs (and, I presume, DLs) orgasm produces a 'hard crash' which interrupts the need to be 'babied' or the desire for diapers for a period of time ranging from several hours to several days. This isn't my own discovery; I credit Michael and Rosalie Bent. I think most of us experience an...
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    I'm an adult baby boy and, so far as I know, my mouth is normal size. The adult pacifiers have always felt too big for me; I, too, prefer NUK 18-36. The latex variety are getting harder to find, but I have a good supply on hand.