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    Need advise on highchairs

    My highchair, purchased on Etsy, was delivered this afternoon. It's very big, but I won't be forgetting I'm a little when my nanny feeds me. Certainly a change from cramped baby highchairs.
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    What adult diapers most resemble pampers

    The closest I’ve found are Rearz Inspire. They’re pretty plain - white with blue trim - but the single tape is magical.
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    Changed in front of others

    I was recently changed by my old nanny with my new nanny sitting beside me. This thread was very much in my mind! I think there's a difference between being changed in front of a disinterested bystander and being changed in front of someone who wants to somehow engage in the process. I've...
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    Baby Formula Intolerant

    I gave up formula in the late 1990s; fond though I was of it, I wasn't able to tolerate the extra iron. For the past few years, I've used vanilla-flavored soy milk, which is very similar in appearance to formula. The taste is far more appealing.
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    Post-LittleSpace Depression?

    As usual, Poofy has the better of the argument: Returning from little space is like reentering the earth's atmosphere, with all the attendant fire and heat that accompany the end of a space voyage. It's just tough to escape (as thoroughly as many ABs escape) and then reenter the world without...
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    bambino diapers

    I buy Magnifico by the case, usually when there's a sale. They're certainly cheaper than $3.65 per diaper. My new nanny has only babysat me a handful of times and has changed perhaps 20 diapers. She likes the Magnifico chiefly because of the 'stretch' in the wings and the 'velcro' tabs...
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    Need advise on highchairs

    I've ordered an AB highchair from DLDave on etsy, but I haven't received it yet. About 20 years ago, I had a white wooden Cosco highchair that actually fit me quite well. 30 years ago, I could fit into the Graco folding highchairs without a problem. Sadly, age and weight gain have taken their...
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    Would you stop being an ABDL?

    I've come to view my infantilism as a curse. So yes, if such a 'magic pill' were available, and if it worked, I'd certainly avail myself of it.
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    Earliest memory in a diaper?

    I was eight years old and sleeping in my mother's bed because I had a bad stomach virus. I was both vomiting and had diarrhea. I told my mother I was afraid I'd mess up her bed, and she replied that she could put a diaper on me. There were still Curity flat cloth diapers and plastic pants in...
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    Curious and need some answers

    Do ABs support themselves financially or do they depend on their mommies and daddies? Do babies change their own diapers or do they rely on their mommies and daddies? Can ABs have more than one mommy/daddy at a time? Does dressing up and roleplaying end when people get married, have their own...
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    Any ABDL members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on here?

    I’m LDS. We used to have an LDS AB and DL group, but it apparently disappeared in the latest site upgrade.
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    Do some AB's like to suck their thumbs?

    Like Geo, I find it comforting to have something in my mouth while I'm being dressed or changed. Whether the 'something' is a pacifier, bottle nipple or my thumb isn't particularly important to me. I'll suck my thumb if I'm not offered a pacifier, but the paci is still my first choice...
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    Posted some Diaps for sale on CraigsList

    About 1996.
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    Thanking our mommies

    Super heroes exactly! I call mine 'Wonder Woman.'
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    Midnight's mediocre AB/DL art

    I agree with all the other rave reviews. Must be nice to have talent!