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    Padded underwear/ adult trainers

    My personal favorites come from They offer two different styles ... one with a fair amount of padding and one with very little. I have four pair of the old-style Gary training pants that I'm hanging onto for dear life; I wear them to bed quite often. The ones Gary makes now...
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    When did you guys start using diapers

    I can remember stealing my little brother's cloth diapers when I was about 4; I started experimenting with bath towels, etc., when I was about 7. On those rare occasions when I had the house to myself as a teenager, I'd use a bath towel as a diaper. I bought my first adult diapers at 23. This...
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    Possible low testosterone

    Several years ago, I had chronic fatigue and low libido but my Testosterone levels were just fine. I wasn't willing to undergo additional tests, so no diagnosis was ever made. I work hard, sleep very little and am always tired. I have far greater interest in diapers than in sex, so the low...
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    Hello from France

    Bonsoir! A terrific introduction. Welcome, and hang onto that girlfriend!
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    What your philosophy age

    I'm glad you added the poll, Siysiy. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had a clue what you were talking about!
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    Rears wraps

    Wraps and pocket diapers are always, it seems, cut to allow extra room in the seat. I'm not sure why that's the case; I don't sew. I've had a couple of wraps that looked almost comical when viewed from behind. I love Rearz' thick nighttime diapers; I'll have to try one of the wraps as well.
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    Its my birthday!

    Hope you enjoy your day.
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    Adult Preschoolers?

    I think many of us age-flex when we regress. My nanny has me complete preschool worksheets (I'm not a fan of coloring, but that doesn't matter!) and we play with PlayDoh, construction toys and do 'advanced' art projects together, but I have a crib, eat in a highchair and am fed bottles. My...
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    Casual sex and nappies ??

    Decades ago, when I thought I was the only AB on the planet, I fell for a lovely young lady (we were both in our early 20s) and our early relationship ran its normal course. The first time I went to her apartment to sleep over, I noticed a stack of folded Curity diapers (the big 21X40s, which I...
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    Your aunt sounds like a terrific lady! I think you ought to find an opportunity (or create one!) to have a chat with her and see where the conversation goes. if you’ve never had a caregiver, your aunt might be a safe and comfortable choice. She probably changed your pants when you were...
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    Cloth Diapering - any real tricks to it?

    I've worn pin-on prefold diapers on and off for the past 35 years. Quite often, the plastic pants are the only thing holding the diaper up ... which makes me very thankful for good elastics! As PCBaby notes, the kite fold is very versatile. I imagine your wife can slide the diaper beneath you...
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    My wife found my diapers

    Much as I respect LittleMoosey's opinion, I'm not sure these criteria hold up under scrutiny. Broadly-educated people tend to be more open-minded. I've had women with high school diplomas react very negatively to the idea of diapering and 'babying' an adult, while women with some college tend...
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    My wife found my diapers

    I might have written your post myself, except that I assiduously avoid any opportunity for my wife to discover my secrets and I'm sure her reaction wouldn't be as calm. If you've been together for a decade, you'll be able to weather any storm this creates for you. Just remember not to let fear...
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    In the kitchen

    Dang! Must be nice to have talent.
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    Welcome! Many of us would die to have a girlfriend like yours. My nanny says 'diapey' too. When you have a moment, please tell us something about yourself, your hobbies, interests, etc.