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    Footed Sleepers on sale at Macy's

    I recently bought the beer ones because they were also on sale and I've never had footie jammies yet. They are so soft and keep you quite warm. Don't think I could wear them in the fluctuating California weather at the moment because it actually keeps me too warm. Feels like you're covered...
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    How to mix formula for adults and tips for certain ones?

    Yep, it's not like I only drink baby formula as milk! I also drink regular milk and orange juice fortified with vitamin D and calcium. I just enjoy having a bottle every once and a while because its so delicious and filling. I probably have a bottle every couple of days since you're only...
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    How to mix formula for adults and tips for certain ones?

    I absolutely love drinking baby formula. Might be a weird little one, but it is actually very delicious and filling. I usually only drink a bottle a day, sometimes more or sometimes less, but just drinking from a baba gets me into little mode pretty fast! Anyways, I've tried 3 types of formula...
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    When did your ABDL interests begin?

    I think my interest began when I was around 7/8 years old. I was interested in my grandma's diapers, and clearly showed it by just playing with it and pretending to fit it on me. My mom saw this and ended up pulling my pants down and diapered me like a baby. I never used the diapers then, but...
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    If you could change age What age would you be ?

    If I could choose the age to be, I'd say somewhere between 18 months to 3 years old since I will still be able to wear diapers and look cute. Probably closer to 18 months than 3 years old. I think this is probably the optimal age for me since I will still be able to walk and slightly talk...
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    Dreaming of wetting and actually wetting

    I have probably wet the bed twice after being completely out of diapers. Whenever I did wet the bed, the dream usually revolved around peeing somewhere. Now and days, I think my potty training is so strong that I just dream about holding it in and eventually wake up because the pressure built...
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    Urging question.

    I think those who've tried older baby/toddler formula would agree that those are best. An example would be Enfagrow since level three has flavors like vanilla! I've been very hesitant when it comes to trying Enfagrow/Enfamil powdered formula since I have heard that they clump and stuff, so...
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    Urging question.

    At the beginning I was looking for a bottle that didn't really require any additional modding and think I found the one that works best for me. Currently, I am using an Avent Natural bottle with a variable flow nipple! It seems to work well and I am able to finish a full 8 oz bottle in under 10...
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    closet baby no more!

    Hello zipperless! Some of my non-ab/dl interests are working with computers, biking, food, and browsing reddit! :) SB's fairly nice due to the wonderful weather and such. I am actually a college student, so I don't hang around in what most people know as Santa Barbara.
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    closet baby no more!

    Hello everyone! I've been a lurker for a while on these forums and have recently begun trying to get active! I've been in to ageplay for a while now and have browsed this site when it still offered stories! Anyways, a little about myself. I am a 20 year boy very interested in diapers and all...