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  • Don't suppose a book named "Chainbreaker" rings a bell, does it?

    I, too, did fencing. Italian foil. It differs from the French in the tang and cross-guard. Rather than a simple bell, it has prongs that extend beyond the bell, and rings that connect these projections to the tang. The net effect is that you can thrust in a much wider angle--say 60 degrees off-center as opposed to the 30 degrees.

    Anyway ... hello and welcome (belatedly).
    I don't mind at all, that'd be great if you friended me.

    Ah, I see. That sounds pretty cool. There was a neighbor of mine here at school that had like three shinais, although she didn't know what they were called either, haha.
    Very nice, very nice. I do Olympic style fencing, with a foil. All the poking and jabbing rather than the slashing. My university doesn't have fencing as a sport, but there is a small club and classes are offered, so I'm glad about that. :)

    There's even a Fencing Society here on ADISC. ADISC - The Fencing Society

    I'll have to look into Kenshin, I suppose. I've never been much for anime, but I'll take a look. :)

    Is kendo the type with the bamboo stick-things? Or am I on the wrong track?

    That's pretty dang awesome. :D I love fencing, although I haven't been able to do it as much lately.

    Just dropping by to say welcome!
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