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    Using the bathroom a lot at work

    Hey i'm back! long time no post. Lately at work, i been noticing that i been using the bathroom quite a bit, most of the time its just #1. but about every 1 hour i always feel the need to pee, and when i do its just usually a little bit. is this something i should be worried about?
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    First time diapered in 7 months

    i remember just going 6 months without wearing, felt nice to be in one, and was still able to relax enough to use it without needing to push. feels nice to wear after a break.
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    Diaper sagging

    i usually dont pay attention to my diaper when its sagging, i'm usually sitting most of the time while im wearing. but i do notice it sometimes and its fun :)
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    Doctors Appointment Today Finally

    Please keep us posted and hopefully everything will turn out fine :)
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    Princess Pink

    oh when i saw this i was expecting a mlp thing, but still neat wish i had money to buy some.
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    I Told Work with Positive Feed Back

    Its nice to have such support for something like this from co-workers. really shows that they understand and can show that they can help and it wont get in the way of your work.
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    feeling super comfy

    Must have been really nice to wake up to something like that :) wish i would try wearing to bed. but im just worried becuase i still live with my parents.
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    Justifying using a (special) diaper

    I once spent 5 months waiting for the right time to use my last diaper. i had one left and wasnt sure when i was going to use it but i did. and a few weeks later i bought another new pack.
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    First time wearing a diaper

    i remember getting my first pack of diapers, it was also depends and i didnt like them but i still had fun.
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    Wow that was close!

    Wow so many reply's and interesting stories. great to read so many many interesting and rather nerve racking stories from so many people.
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    I'm a little scared that I may have taken it a bit too far

    Hopefully everything goes ok at the appoiment.
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    Wow that was close!

    This just happened to me a few minutes ago! Anyway i was sitting up here in my room wearing a diaper, and i had already been in it for a little while wet, and also messed a bit. anyway i heard someone knock on the door, i didnt know who it was so i didnt think much about it (i know i should...
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    The day has finally come...

    You never forget your first pack, its really something special :)
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    Lucky me

    This is a story i never told, it happened a while ago. A while ago, i created a youtube and uploaded some reaction videos (i still do, but i wont say the name) along the way i meet someone from germany, he commented on my videos and soon we added eachother on skype. we had a lot in common, we...
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    Finding diaper evidence. A funny mistake!

    i bet the same thing would have happened to me lol, then again i havent seen plastic pants much except in pictures lol.