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  • Got a hotel room with my bf last week to celebrate Valentine's Day a little early. Got padded, drank sake and played Mario Kart. :D
    Sanch, hi. I hope you've been doing well! Already you find me wanting to tell you how great your presence around the forum is, and how much I'm already appreciating seeing your posts around. I hope your life is treating you as kindly as you deserve. ♥
    I guess I’m late, but I was never any good at noting people leaving. I’m sorry to see you go. But I know the path in life is hard to walk and we all fall when we hit the rocks with are feet. But when and you get back up off the path. I hope to see you again and maybe help you along the path of life.
    Hi there Sanch. I like the new name. It sounds cool. I owe everyone an apology for going MIA for so long with no explanation. Things have just been kind of nuts for me lately, but I should have at least left a note, saying everything was okay, and I wouldn't be posting for a while. I'm sorry. I will have to look around for a good recipe for Saltenhas. I will definitely let you know if I find anything. My Christmas was busy but very good. I also got to go to my cousin's wedding right after. That was really beautiful.

    How was yours? How is life?
    Hi Sanch :) I did have a wonderful weekend, Thanks hope you did to...
    Thanks for the kind words about my post, I am just asking and sharing some things I have been burning to ask or share for a long time, I am glad I can finally share my little side with other like minded people :)... Have a great week
    Not so much! My computer broke actually, and I've spent the better part of a week working on that. Not fun at all! I fixed it last night though, so I'm feeling all happy and relaxed about it finally. Hehe. What about you!?
    Yeah, I've been gigglemuffinz on most ABDL sites, not just ADISC for years now. Hehe. It was bothering me. Not symettrical at all.
    No, the return to previous username button wasn't working, so I had him do it for me. Hehe. It was a really nice name. I really liked Arietta as a name, and it's a name that still resonates with me, but I got tired of fighting 3+ years of being gigglemuffinz. Everyday I still met people who were like, YOU WERE GIGGLEMUFFINZ? I WAS WONDERING WHERE SHE WAS? (Not sure why I allcapsed, please forgive.)
    Sanch? New name Nice, but change your old name that's in the about me section.
    Ya know, if I take all the capital letters of your username it points out as "SNAL" More specifically, "Saturday Night Ass Live"
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