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    What Brand Did You Start Out With?

    I started with depends. It was great for the experience at the time. So exciting and fun. But I soon found that there are better diapers. I then went to Abena X plus. These are great but then I wanted to try some print. I have tried most diapers and for price, crinkle, amount they hold and how...
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    I’m wearing a diaper to the movies!

    If you frequent the bathroom during a movie and always miss something like me. Wearing a diaper to the movies is the best thing. It is also fun. So WIN WIN for me.
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    las vegas

    Thanks for the comment. I have looked at your site and it looks like your nursery is top end. Do you have any openings for the first of next week?
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    las vegas

    Thanks for the comments. I have been to CTDC and it was awesome. I also thought since it was the place where anything goes there might be a big abdl following in Vegas. I have googled and only see the 2 nurseries. I wondered if there was some venues in vegas that was only word of mouth and not...
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    las vegas

    wow no reply's
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    las vegas

    Wondering what kind of ABDL venues there are in Las Vegas. I already know about CTDC. Is there anything else I mean anything ABDL related.
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    Grand Junction Colorado

    I have to travel to Grand Junction Colorado for work. Does anyone know of a good diaper supply store there? Or does anyone want to meet up?
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    Embarrassing/enjoying experience.

    Sounds like a great GF. Most people in sales are not out to make customers feel bad but welcome to purchase their products.
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    Not a steal, but looking for a good deal.

    I do like the ATN's for the price but I have recently been using the Betterdry. They are my new favorite 60 diapers for 95 dollars. A little more than ATNs but hold so so so much more. And are by far the most comfortable diaper I have ever worn. I didn't know what I was missing until I tried...
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    Shopping quandary

    I often have this same thought. If only people did as much research as I have about diapers. I remember when My grandpa was in diapers when he was bed ridden and he was leaking all the time, so I heard from conversation. But I couldn't come out and say Abena's or dry 24/7 will work so much...
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    Serious question for you who are AB/DL but not incontinent.

    Try opening a medical supply store. Then you can donate diapers to those patients you find in need. That way you can still provide a service to those who wear diapers because they love them, but also give when you find a need.
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    Kal Medical new diaper store in Utah

    Me and the rest of Utah are very lucky. I hope it grows and we find stores carrying abdl supplies popping up all over the country.
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    Kal Medical new diaper store in Utah

    So I have found a new diaper store in utah who carries abdl products. They are a medical supply store but are not ashamed of there abdl products. They are out in the open as you walk in. They have diapers, binkies, bottles, and onesies. I have shopped there a couple of times. They also advertise...
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    Where do you guys live

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    Utah Diaper Lover Introduction

    Hey there I am also from utah. I am very similar to you. nice to meet you.