Writing, Reading, CSS, hanging out with freinds, walking in the rain.
Florida, United States
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Sup, wow I haven't been on this site in a REALLY long time. ANYWAYS I'm Samaki, well that's what everyone calls me, my fursona's name is Eric, and my RL name is Joe. Anyone who comes to IRC probably knows me as the pervert or something XD. I'm like really suppah friendly!!!! I mean like srsly. I'm an extremely social person, which is really weird cause I'm really REALLY shy when meeting new people, well in RL at least, but once I get to know you I've been told I'm amazing ;).

I'm not a t/b or d/l I came because my friend baby blake as you know him, is.

I'm nerdish... yeah you herd me I'm a nerd XD. Although apparently it's not really obvious in RL, I have a huge social life and I love going to the mall, which I only know one other nerd that goes to the mall, and that would be the ex, stupid dick -.-. Anyways...

Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal!!!!!

I'm into all types of music, you have no idea =D!


If the world was a musical, it would be a better place.

I'm back! Read my new intro to know more lol.