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    Is it possible to get a non-ABDL to like wearing?

    My boyfriend of 5 years now told me about his abdl side less than 2 years ago.At first im not gonna lie I was in shock and very upset about the fact that I was lied to and I felt like I didn't even know him..We didn't speak for about 6 months.I hated him every single day I couldn't stand to look...
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    How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

    I'm 19 and living with my parents and my fiancé is a Adult baby/Diaper lover.We have WAAAY to much stuff some we hide others we don't.There's like zero privacy here everybody loves to come in and out of my room Lol.We pretty much hide all his diapers and pacifiers in a dresser in my closet.I...
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    Guilty Conscious💔🍼👶

    Thank you so much to everyone for their wonderful replies and advice..Im always there to remind him that nothing wrong comes from something you enjoy doing so much especially when you do something that is not hurting you or others.When he is down I do cheer him up to the best of my abilities...
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    New Baby

    Hello Strath,Welcome to Adisc hope you make many new friends with all the good people on this site.
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    Hi, new to ABDL

    Hi Dcpupdb,Welcome hope you enjoy this site and make friends with all the lovely people on here.
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    Hello again.

    Hello SuperStallion,Im SallyJayy welcome to the forum and community.
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    New Hampshire Diaper Lover

    Hello and nice to meet you Bassbeat91.Welcome to Adisc and the community.
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    Hello Flowstate,Welcome to Adisc hope you met alot of new friends and thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself.
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    Hi from Ireland

    Hello Aircaingeal, Im SallyJayy and Welcome to the community.Hope you have a nice day and make alot of friends on here.
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    Hello Lazada, Welcome to Adisc and our community.
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    I'm new to ABDL stuff. I feel really strange about it.

    Hello, Welcome to the community.Im a 19 year old mommy to my 20 year old little.Ive been a diaper lover for about 8 months.I honestly had no clue there was a community of people that enjoyed this.I didnt find out until I found out my fiancé was one.I honestly was upset and weirded out it was to...
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    Guilty Conscious💔🍼👶

    My fiancé can be in little space and be perfectly happy.Other days he will regret being and abdl and tells me "What would other people think if they found out".It is such a downer because I want him to be happy fully happy but I know he will always feel guilty about wearing diapers and being the...
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    Hi all

    Hello lafi, Welcome to ADISC!!
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    Early Christmas Present

    When my baby was young he had a stuffed animal dog. As he got older his family made fun of him because he had a stuffed animal so he threw it away. The other day he brought that up to me so since he's been a good boy mommy got him a replica of his childhood toy. Little boys should always be...
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    Any Star Wars Fans Planning To Go See Rogue One

    Yes it is him im taking.Thank you for the congratulations we didnt get many of those from his side of the family because were to young.