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    Hello.... Help

    I did a study of "telling" and I would agree, fetishes are strictly on a need to know basis, and unless you decide to transition or be very out crossdressing as well. If you do need to tell, start with "I have something I want to share with you".
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    I have some sissy tendencies still... but less as time goes on

    As some one who has been around a lot longer, gender expression changes over time and with experience.
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    I need help

    I did a study of "telling" when I had questions about telling my own children and could not find any information and have done a number of presentations. I have also incorporated some additional information I got from Mara Kestling of NCTE, The notes from that presentation are here...
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    Cross Dressing.

    I identify as Gender Fluid and have for 20 years, which means, how I identify male, female, someplace in between varies day to day. Right now I am expressing my little with a pink frilly satin dress and diaper. Most of the time I express (when not male) a mature look, leggings boots tunic top...
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    Not Feeling Little

    Real life some times intrudes on fantasy. I once thought I might be transsexual and had an opportunity to attend a conference and 6 days dressed. at the end I decided, came to the realization I was not. Yes I am still transgender but identify as gender fluid. You are young enough to find out all...
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    Question fetish

    I studied fetishes and a connection with the autism spectrum and have had fun with many of them, at the moment I am wearing a diaper and LG dress and wig. As long as it does no one any damage there is no harm. Have fun with it.
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    My poor stuffed animals :(

    This is my day to be a little. In adult life (my kids are older than you) I studied abuse in social work. This is on the wrong side of abusive and if he can not knock it off you probably need to end the relationship as it is not OK.
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    Trans girl needs support and advice

    I guess you can say I am an elder in the community and have a bit more experience. I identify as gender fluid, One of my web sites is for trans kids (you are still kind of in that category If there is some way I can help you specifically, information, finding a therapist...
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    There may well be a reason to use a ladies razor, better quality steel. I have been saving my legs for twenty five years in the shower, current favorite is a Gillette Venus razor, good for a month of shaving. I use soap with the razor.
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    Gender Identity and ABDL

    I identify as gender fluid. I at one time wondered if I was TS and spent six days at a conference dressed. It is a LOT of work and at the end I was ready to be male for awhile. 80% of the community are crossdressers/gender fluid. If you are having difficulty I strongly suggest seeking...
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    One thing to remember, you will always find those that look better and worse than you do. I do recommend finding a therapist competent to deal with gender issues, if you need help finding one in your area PM me.
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    I was accidentally outed today

    I did original research on "Telling" and have to first say, that my wife did not know about Sandra for 26 years of our marriage and the discovery, well that is a story. The good news we just celebrated our 44th. What the research told me is that You are Always better off telling than being...
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    Your role

    As with gender how I identify is fluid and not fixed. I am currently AB LG dress diaper wearing. Later today I will be in leggings OTK boots tunic top...
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    I finally did it... I came out.

    To put it simply the road before me is a lot shorter than the road behind. I had those questions concerning being transgender and a Christian and can tell you for first hand experience some of the strongest Christians I know are with in the community. If you wish the very complete study...
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    Sex change

    I identify as gender fluid but am well familiar with and known in the transgender community. There are inherent dangers in taking estrogen even under the care of an endocrinologist. Do a search for the WPATH standards of care and find a therapist, If you PM me I may be able to direct you to some...