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  • The Reindeer Puppy says:
    Hey, there. Just wanted to see how things were going. You still doing the military thing?
    Oh and, I just looked at your new pictures!! I love them! Especially the first one, so cute!
    Nahh its OK :)
    Well, I'd better go and write my next blog post while its on my mind.
    I knowww! Read my latest blog post to see why!
    Blahh, no school for me today. My car broke down. >n<

    Mehh. have fun at work. xD
    Mehh, I'll talk to you tomorrow if you're on. X3 I'ma tired and haz school in the AM. : P
    There you are. :3 Like I was saying, I joined DA almost 2 and 1/2 years ago. I got banned for gods knows and so I have a new account. xD

    It's weird there now though, like I said. o:
    I'm sorry, but even if it was true (Which I can say almost with 100% certainty his claim wasn't) that's a really creepy story. Talking about being 9 years old and getting molested while in diapers by a babysitter is EXTREMELY deekerish. It wouldn't surprise me if he was a freaking Deekarian! It's REALLY messed up bro!
    Hey, dude, you need to seriously relax. Really. If you don't like something, it's all the more reason TO comment; assuming you have a legitimate reason. That's called communication, and as a community, we should have communication.
    Hi~! I'm quite well today (I always forget to respond to messages, fdjkfal.), thanks for asking. :eek:

    How're you?
    Oh, I don't wanna be a burden, I was just curios. A job is way more important than a picture for a stranger. Take your time :3
    Of course! It made my day, waking up at 6 am with cramps and all. It made what could have been a bad day more enjoyable. :D
    Hehe :p
    Thanks anyway :) hopefully.
    Anyway, I'd better be off, I've spent a number of hours on the computer today :p
    Cool, I love autumn, not too hot and not too cold (well in England it is..), for me its the best month to take photographs and those colours, soo gorgeous! Oranges and reds and yellows, and the floor covered in leaves. Walking up country paths and listening to birds sing and trees sway..
    Huh, sorry, slipped off there ^__^, I don't experience that much, but oh well. I don't get to wear that much in public, I love to when we go into the country though since there's hardly anyone around.
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