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  • Ha ha! Sorry -- I'd never even heard of Naruto till someone told me that was who was in my avatar! I just thought he looked cute and innocent and... kinda how I see myself. :)
    Any shows count, as long as it has existed. My most beloved are animations like Futurama, South Park, and Archer. I have been getting into some new shows as well, like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and from out of nowhere, Adventure Time.
    Im ok. My teachers are pretty good, though they give alot of homework. I feel most work should be done in school, not at home.
    Anyway, I have been getting into TV lately. What are some favourite shows?
    Hey there Ryry, noticed your from the UK and recently new to this, so figured I'd send a friends request :)
    Honestly, I am honored that you would ask me to do such a thing. I'm not the best to do so, as I tend to go flying through things, but if you're willing to let me try, then I'd certainly love to share my knowledge of the program with you.
    They also had a SEGA Genesis and Saturn there, but you can't win em all. You had an N64? Damn, the one thing I don't have.
    I love you all:hugattack:. Well to be honest I'm still unsure but the ratio is 80% Gay 20% Straight
    Good thing I'm happy that your happy too. Oh yeah I should say I just have new brother. Damn I love him. (Wait I think I'm gay now)
    Nothing special really just go to school. So how is your relationship with your dadda?
    Yeah it's fine so how things lately? Anything good or bad? Oh yeah I just installed Windows Live/MSN messenger. Could you give me yours? But I suggest don't post in Visitor Massage as everyone can see.
    You met him online? Wow thats quite personal considering. Glad you could find a willing caretaker, but he might ask for the tables to be turned. Be nice and return the favor. :)
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