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    NEW POLL: AB/TB/DL What do you like to do . . . Interests/Hobbies (besides wearing diapers)

    Writing poetry/haiku Playin' card games (I play a TON, though I have noone to really play with) Listening to Alt. Rock/Metal Studyin' anything mythilogical (I LOVE Celtic and Norse myths) KUNG FU MOVIES!!! (Need I say more? Bruce Lee is <3) Thats pretty much me. :)
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    You know you're having a bad ABDL day when

    When a convienient gust of wind blows your skirt up the ONE day you decide to wear your diapers in public.
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    Your ideal diaper day.

    Starting my day fully diapered and clothed in my pink footed sleeper/baby dress, I go out to my living room and warm a nice bottle of milk, then relax and coo and giggle as a happy baby while watching Winnie the Pooh, drinking my baba contently. Thats just my morning. In fact, that was THIS...
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    Your most frequently visited websites

    Facebook ADISC SissyKiss YouTube Photobucket
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    Is NOBODY on this whole website into cosplay?

    I'm an avid cosplayer, I went as Spike from Bebop last year <3 I agree, it's all about having fun. I go all out and really get into character LOL
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    who hear like to wear a kilt/skirt over there diaper?

    I'm a girl (and a sissy), so yeah I wear skirts over my diapers. Its my favorite clothing to wear. Never worn a kilt though X3
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    Can't find Pampers Easy Ups Size 6 in Stores

    Thats a good point. I found a few packs at the Target and Walgreens near me, though that was about 6 months ago. Lately, I havent found any around. Maybe the stores are trying not to carry them as much?
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    Favorite Character Classes in RPG's (Board, MMO, Whatever)

    I prefer heavy sword characters. Why? Bigger is always better in my opinion ^_~
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    An ABDL is going to be on tv

    *sigh* Not again... How many times are they going to use us for shock value? I really dont understand why people would go on a show and expose themselves. :( Any friends that didnt know before, they know now. But c'est la vie...
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    What Do You Prefer: a Disposable Diaper, Pullup or Cloth Diaper?

    Pull-ups for me. I love disposables too, but its hard to diaper yourself sometimes like that ^^; I always felt more like a toddler anyways LOL
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    longest you have gone without sleep

    I once stayed up for more than 40 hours...... Then I slept for like a day and a half LOL Seriously, it was torture. But this was all while playing Portal LOL so...
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    Cats or dogs?

    Doggies!!!!! <3 Besides, I dont think Ive ever had a cat I fully trusted LOL They treat you like a doormate sometimes and a scratching post the next LOL.
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    Favorite Looney Tune?

    Bugs Bunny FTW. Bugs is just so cool, how he always outwits every opponent (Several, I might add by dressing up as a girl, or sometimes, a baby. Me thinks he a one of us LOL <3).
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    Which sexual orientation are you?

    Bisexual, both genders are pretty great. Guys are nice and really supportive, Girls are sweet and maternal. I really just want be loved for me. :)
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    Thank you for letting me join

    Hello. My name is Madi, and I just want to say thanks for having me. Ive been to nearly every ABDL page out there (Not bragging or anything), and this is one of the best ^w^ I love to write stories and poems, and especially stories about animes diapered :P Im very sociable and approachable, so...