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    You won't be able to quit, you have to ease into it, I didn't finish a pack of diapers until my 6th or 7th, I say just throw them away until the urge comes back than go buy some more. I did notice two things that would set off a purge, buying multiple packs in a single run, and trying to do...
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    Diaper Lover needs friends.

    Hi! I am from Indiana too! What video games do you like to play? How about music you like to listen to? The more information you have the easier it will be for people to connect.
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    When did you give up baby diapers

    I can pretty easily wear baby diapers still but as soon as I turn 16 and a half (Independent driving age) I will stop wearing them. Personally I like pampers way more than depends
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    What is your favorite artist/ band?

    Eminem -Stan
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    Useful aspects of wearing a diaper

    THE MOVIE THEATER! I can't believe that this hasn't been mentioned yet because there is nothing better than not missing any of the movie and still being able to drink a large soda.
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    When are footie PJ's "in season"?

    It really just depends on the weather where you live. Once it gets cold enough they will stock them. - - - Updated - - -
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    What would you pick as your last meal request?

    Turkey. I want to be extra sedated if I am about to be excecuted and lots of Jack & Coke. - - - Updated - - - Can you link it?
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    UPS Package Holding Help

    They already e-mailed me back! UPS Customer Service is GREAT! =). Here is the reply e-mail, I basically just asked the same questions that were in the original post. Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately, I am not able to reroute the package to the UPS Store. If you become a UPS My Choice...
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    UPS Package Holding Help

    - - - Updated - - - I just sent an email to customer service about this, there is a store right by my house but not a hub, my fingers are crossed. I will post it once they reply.
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    UPS Package Holding Help

    - - - Updated - - - I do have a local UPS Store that is only 4 miles away, after living here for about 6 years I am embarressed to say I have never noticed it. I will try to call them next time I am home alone. I had no idea that the actual store was independent of the shipping company...
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    UPS Package Holding Help

    First I want to say I DID try to figure this out by myself but I can't. I have heard that UPS and other shipping locations will store your packages at the store and not take it to your house. The site I am going through ships through UPS only so can anyone tell me how this works or give me a...
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    new laptop?

    I don't think that a $600 laptop would be able to play many modern games.
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    - - - Updated - - - What are some of your hobbies? Can you tell us some more about yourself?
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    Are they honestly trying to market their 'manties' as a better version of mens underwear!? For a bachelor party, anniversary or wedding gift? Congrats bro heres a gift card for manties. I don't think that would go over well with most people.
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    "African Americans"

    There are some black people that are more black than brown. Akon is the darkest I can think of at the moment and lots of people who actually live in Africa Most 'African Americans' are fine with the term black anyway This Yahoo answers person said it best these people call each other ******...