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    how many diapers do you go through a day?

    I use 4-6 a day being IC so I wear 24/7.
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    Diaper Pails

    This is the one I use I don’t use the bags that you normally use for it, I found that if you take the insert out you can just use a 13 gallon trash bag then when emptying it just open the bottom door and pull it out. I wear size large diapers so I can usually get about 2 days out of it being IC...
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    Diaper Pails

    I have an adult diaper pail I love it! Being IC and having IBS and wearing 24/7 it works great for me on keeping smells down. It’s got a double closing lid.
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    Betterdry vs. Dry 24/7

    I love my Dry 24/7 I wear ever day I only wear Better Dry/Crinklz for sleeping. I have found that when sleeping in Dry 24/7 I seem to leak out the top by morning I never seem to have a problem with Better Dry/Crinklz. But during the day the Dry 24/7 are what I use I don’t like to use Better...
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    Member's mark

    No but I use the adult wipes and love them! I buy 3 boxes month.
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    How old are you?

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    How do Dry 24/7s compare to Bambino bianco and Abena M4

    To me they fill thicker then an M4, but for me with my pants over top no one know I have it on but me.
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    How do Dry 24/7s compare to Bambino bianco and Abena M4

    I can’t really compare but I use them for my everyday diaper I love them and I have no issues with them. 😃. I did use the Abena L4 for a short time but to compare quality and absorbency I would go with the dry 24/7 I have an active job and they do me well all day. At the end of the day each...
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    What's your go to diaper and why?

    Dry 24/7
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    Shaving downstairs.

    I do it as well it feel much cleaner that way it also help with clean up being 24/7. I have also found it keeps the smell down to, hair love to hold bacteria. It’s a pain to keep up with but it help managing my Incontinence much easier!
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    Work Diapers

    Dry 24/7 is my daily wear
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    Wearing in public

    Using a booster pad will help it last longer.
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    24/7 confi dry

    Agreed! I love my Confidry 24/7. I will wear BetterDry to bed or when I am home but going out and at work I wear Dry 24/7 I my case they don't swell like BetterDry dose.