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    Its only the branches in England and Wales that are getting sold, and its not Santander anymore. I think its the Church of England or something odd that bought it in the end. I'm registered with a Scottish branch so that doesn't affect me.

    Dunno why it bothers me so much really. Its only an extra feature on my card that makes me part with my money that little bit quicker, not having to give it my PIN. That should probably be a bad thing. Oh well doesn't look like I'm getting one :(
    Just wondering, how did you manage to get a contactless RBS debit card? I've been on their backs for months asking for one and every time they say they will I just end up with the same old blue card without that feature
    Oh that makes sense. I was like was I imagining it. It did give me a good laugh. I'm not one too laugh at others or judge I just thought replays were funny. Have a nice weekend!
    What happened to that one thread you made a comment on? It was funny, I think they removed it, or do I have the wrong person?
    Well, it depends. If you get them fresh so you can salt them straight away they will be crispy. If you don't they get really soggy :( Looks like Burger King and KFC basically swapped their fries with each other now. I gave them a try and have to say the chunky ones are nicer.
    Just been taking a look at your profile...
    Same name, same love for KFC too :P
    I'm taking a class actually. I had room for an elective this semester, and I just figured 'what the heck'? :sweatdrop:

    It isn't as hard to learn as a lot of people say it is. Although it is definitely a lot different from English. The hardest part for me so far is the writing system... There are waaay too many Kanji... -.-
    Hey! I recently started taking a Japanese class, and I couldn't help but notice that your avatar was written in Katakana! It says Lithuania, right?
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