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    Hi how are you? Sorry for the random message I'm just looking for some friends : )
    I finally bought a dummy! Still waiting for it to be delivered, but I got a yellow one with Tigger on! :bounces excitedly:

    How are you getting on, anyway?
    Hello all, i love sucking my thumb, i suck my left and have been doing that since i was a baby. I am not in to anything else, only this, but i wuold love to meet other adult thumbsuckers. :)
    Heya! Just settling in to watch American Dad with the missus before bed.

    Spent last night padded, watching Howl's Moving Castle, cuddling Kay and a couple of plushies and sipping a beer. Nice evening!

    How you getting on? How's the shelter and the pets?
    why thanks! me too. snufkin is probably one of my major role models in life. ^.^
    Ha, thanks. I have a few friends by the name Rosy; would be really weird yet funny if you were one of them :tongueout: So what part of the country you from?
    heya, nice to meet u i am also from scotland, may i ask what part u are from, send in a PM if u feel safer, i no i would
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