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    Knock Knoch...
    whos there?
    robin who?
    robin needs to come back to her nest and check-in once in a while.....

    fiver.... (soft smile)
    i miss you very much..... (sad eyes)
    Come-out come-out where ever you you are..... pretty please.....
    well there you are, girl-friend!
    been waiting out here forever for you to invite us inside...
    now if Emily would just quit dragging her feet and come-along too.
    ~runs to my sisters tears in my ears and hugs you both~ Oh my goodness I've missed you both so much!!!
    ~notices sister-Emily walking up to Robin's porch with something in her arms~
    OH, hi Emily....
    ((((Big Hugs))))

    i see you brought a special blend of coffee.... can't wait to taste it!
    so who's got the cookies....
    ~puts an arm around both of her sisters as they all move inside~
    ~jumps at her sister giving her a bear-hug~
    Hi, i thought i would just come over and see how the working girl was doing.... besides, i needed a coffee-break....
    walking up to little-Robin's front porch, exceedingly happy that she didn't need a snow-shovel to clear a path.....
    fiver pulls open the screen-door and;
    ((((knock knock knock...))))
    you know that my best wishes and kindest thoughts always follow you, lit-Robin...
    i don't know how many times that i have told Her i apologize....
    but Mother Nature just won't listen to me.

    (hands her sister some more wood for the wood-stove)
    (tossing her sister some extra fire-wood and some ear-muffs.....)
    it's got-a suck over there at your house about now, little-one...
    Robin Robiny-Robin! Perhaps we need another round of Lady Gaga!? Wishing the best for you! -Marka
    good-nite little-one.... (soft smile & kiss on the forehead)
    now off to bed with you....
    there's my little minx....
    and how are you this evening?
    (give her sis a big Hug while patting her on the back....)
    yes, lets not do any more messing up for a while. give it a chance, and you will do fine. it's your turn to do fine, Robin.
    (Hugs her again)
    (scratches head wondering where Marka has got off too... hiding in the can i'll bet)
    (laughs at the idea of you seeing snow out-side while still sitting in my living-room as i see driving rain out my side of the same living-room.... soft smile)
    i am sure happy for you in finding work, Sis....
    you will be meeting new friends and having some extra money to spend. that has got to be good!
    pass the cookies please, i have a sweet tooth this morning....
    (looking out the window this dreary morning...)
    well, it looks as though our local snow has all but got-up and melted away.
    (pouring herself some fresh coffee and taking a sip, oh, forgot the sugar... giggles!)
    i shall need to drive into to belfair today at some point with Karen for food. the storm has kept us isolated out here over the last several days and living 14 miles from the grocery can be a problem at times.....
    (seeing the cookie plat to be a bit lacking in choice, she goes into the kitchen for some more)
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