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  • The Reindeer Puppy says:

    ok awesome!

    All Roman Gods prophetised that we would one day have great diaper selections! :)
    And who would have thought we'd have ABTBDL support communities as well!
    Just another long day...
    But I got a lot done! =)
    Tell me, I wanted to ask, what the heck are Iiapetus diapers?
    I do medical transcription, though that looks to be coming to an abrupt end because of my health. If this winds up being the case, I'll likely wind up on disability, unless the book takes off.
    Well, if I had just said "Would Be", which is what it originally was, you'd be like "huh?!" anyway. ;)
    If you're genuinely curious, dig out my original "introduction" thread (which contains two very, very, very different "introduction" posts). If that doesn't give you a clear picture of what sort of disaster I was when I first got here, and what inspired the name, come back and I'll tell you the blunt answer. It makes more sense if you understand my mental state when I chose it, though.
    Well thanks. I haven't posted it in "Finished" yet because it technically isn't finished. It's at the editor right now, and I suspect I'm going to have a week or more worth of work to do when I get it back.
    Yeah I know. And I was just saying in response to that don't try linking faces or names to me because you'll lose me a week or 2 later. I'm too good for anyone to try following me
    Don't bother trying to but a name to me because 2 weeks later you won't find me
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