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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    First, there's no such thing as a trademark in the public domain. The definition of public domain is something that isn't covered by trademark, copyright, or any other legal protection. Second, if they did allow free use of their trademark they'd lose it. And third, the way they lied about The...
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    And as everyone expected, Rearz abandoned the application
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    That argument still falls apart because A: If ABDL being trademarked means they can get around advertising restrictions, that still only benefits Rearz because only they can use the term, and therefore only they get advertising, creating an unfair advantage over their competitors, and B: Even if...
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    Rearz are way more expensive in the US. A case of 36 Safaris costs $108 USD, a case of 40 LittlePawz costs $85. Plus mediums and larges for Safaris (from CooshieTooshiez at least) cost extra.
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    I linked their official statement, directly from their company website, in the OP.
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    Ah yeah. For sure. I'm no copyright lawyer, but IIRC, if you don't protect your copyright you end up losing it, so even if they were going to allow free use of it they'd probably end up losing it and filed for no reason anyways. Its more likely that they're attempting to squeeze licensing fees...
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    A quick Google search says 6 months to a year. Since the application was filed in October, earliest we'd hear a final result by now would probably be March or April (but again, quick Google search). Like I said though, its highly unlikely they get it. Even if they were in a position to acquire...
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    Er, not buying that they're attempting to trademark ABDL? Because I just posted the trademark filing and the official statement by the company that that's exactly what they're doing. Doubt it'll happen, but the intent is still there.
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    Rearz attempting to trademark the term "ABDL"

    So just found out about this today on /r/ABDL (the claim was filed back in October). Haven't seen it posted here yet (also not sure if this is the right section, but it directly relates to a major supplier), so thought I might as well. Rearz has filed for copyright claims to "ABDL" in the US...
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    Diaper Boy's Creed

    Deeker? Is that you?
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    ABU Peak-ABU

    Also they sell pink onesies which makes me super happy
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    Can i get abu diapers in a store?

    I've heard stories of certain medical supply stores that started selling ABDL diapers because they're generally better than medical brands, but they're few and far between with no guarantee to their validity. ABU has a couple warehouses in the US (in Everett, Washington and Baltimore, Maryland)...
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    The Internet Knows

    I use an adblocker, but I did get that quite a bit. Even on sites that still give me ads (like Facebook), I usually don't see diaper ads, but one pops up every now and then. With a couple exceptions: somehow got around my adblocker in the past, but the advertisements were always for...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Rearz Princess Pink. I love pink diapers.
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    Crinkliest Diaper and Reccomendations

    In my admittedly somewhat limited experience, I find Bambino Bellisimos to be the loudest.