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  • *gawk*

    Omg! Is it true?

    I’m talking to someone famous!

    I feel...

    ...what’s the term...



    Anyway hi, big fan here. Not a great talker, as you can see :p
    Thanks for having the courage to show the world a real ABDL. Your level-headedness and just over-all coolness made your appearance on the Bill Cunningham show almost look like a positive portrayl of ABDL. You were so calm and composed that I did not even notice how mean the guy was. He seemed like the alien. Again thanks for being a kind tolerant person. It seems ridiculous to have to thank anyone for that, but in the world we live in....
    haha I met you IRL and gave you my email, but I didn't realize you had the online presence that you did. I didn't know of your non-ABDL stuff... haha
    Why thank you, and may I say aren't you just a Kilo and a half of adorable?

    I'll admit that was a bit of a stretch.
    Looks like I'm yet another fan of your Videos and reviews! Just wanted to say what an awesome job you did on My Strange addiction ,and that I salute you for having the incredible amount of courage it must have taken to be on national TV:2thumbsup:
    Hi Riley, I just wanted to say you are an inspiration to so many of us in the community. You always know what to say. Keep up the good work beautiful!
    Hi Riley, I've seen a lot of stuff from you, and I just wanna say your really brave, thanks for spreading hope,

    Hey Riley, I'd really love to talk with you, if that would be okay. I could really use some help.
    i Love your videos/vlogs ever so much haha! Just throwing it out there as a fan ja
    You made me feel good about myself when I saw you on my strange addictions. thank you
    Hey Riley! I really think you made a good impression on TV on My Strange Addiction. I understand how dealing with the media can be hard, but you pulled it off quite well. Thank you for positivley representing ABDL. Remember not to listen to people who don't like you for being TG or an AB/DL. I'm glad you picked the right lifestyle for yourself, and keep up the good work!
    Hi Riley!
    I watched your show not too long ago and thought you were great. I've seen a few shows about adult babies but not one with a girl so your episode was really awesome. Made me feel even better being a girl and into this :) My boyfriend and I really enjoyed learning from you on the show. Seeing you so comfortable with yourself really was nice to see. Don't ever change and I hope you're doing well :)

    Riley Kilo?? THE Riley Kilo? X3 You are a legend! Thank-you so much, you gave the community a good name! And I'm very happy that you're so comfortable with yourself to actually be on television! You made all my friends think different about adult babies, diaper lovers and transgenders! ^^

    You've got guts. C:
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