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    Diaper withdrawl

    Be careful, you don't want to fall into the binge and purge cycle (wearing and indulging yourself, then getting rid of all of them and swearing you're done with them to fall back into indulging all the time). I don't know how likely it is you'll do that if you're not purging entirely, but still...
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    What the hell color is this website?

    Wow, I didn't even know there was a pink option! I love it! I can see what you mean though; It's not as purely pink as I typically imagine pink to be.
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    How to sleep better?

    You probably don't suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is much more serious of a condition than staying up until four in the morning and involves periods lasting days of no sleep. This probably isn't what's affecting you. Diabetics can't take melatonin? That sucks. There are other options though. I...
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    Fetlife > ADISC?

    I think a lot of forums, not just ABDL centric ones, could learn a lot from ADISC. If more places had a guide like this one, the internet would be a much more enjoyable place. Comparing this site to FetLife is difficult since there are few parallels in terms of functionality that allow for a...
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    Smells of an Abena M4

    Opening the package won't make your room smells like diapers, but from my experience, sealed plastic packages such as the ones diapers come in do have a distinct odor. It's usually a very tame odor and people who smell it won't make a connection between the smell and diapers. If you're well...
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    My Little Pony Training Pants!

    Would these even be big enough to fit an adult?
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    Have you ever wanted to kill yourself over diapers?

    Of course it seems like cowardice and selfish, especially to someone who has never experienced a strong desire to commit suicide (or attempt to follow through with these desires), but that's because many people don't understand what's going through the mind of someone who is seriously...
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    I guess this would qualify as a wearing a diaper out in public post.

    You need to be really honest with yourself here (and this might sound accusatory, but I don't intend it that way at all): Why are you attending therapy? If you really do seek to explore this facet of your personality to better understand yourself and take a step towards self-actualization, then...
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    So why are you all afraid of buying diapers ?

    Well, like people said, small towns usually. Most of the cashiers around here are people I went to High School with. I couldn't see myself buying adult diapers without at least a look of confusion. Not only that, but I can't drive, so I'd have to walk home with a bag full of diapers! That'd only...
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    Wearing through airport security

    Like Seamuis said, of course you will. Now, just think about it a second: They're scanning for people carrying potentially harmful devices onto the plane. If they found someone trying to board with sharp, metallic objects, then they're going to stop you because that's their job. Why do you...
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    Anyone heard of these things?

    Huh, I never even thought about something like this. This sounds like a really great product! I've just used simple plastic grocery bags when I've needed to dispose of used diapers like this (it gets the job done, but doesn't help with odor at all, and they're not always discreet). The...
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    Hello , I'm new here and a litte nervous

    Hey, where do I know you from? I swear I've seen your account name somewhere around before, but I can't put my finger on where... :o oh wait, I remember where now! Whoa, I never expected to see you here, that's cool :) I'm sorry I doubted you :) I never got really interested in the show...
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    crazy idea!

    If your furname was something reasonable then I don't see a problem. I've considered doing this myself, actually, and changing my name to Rigby. The main thing stopping me is the fee and the hassle of updating my legal information everywhere.
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    potty training

    Actually, depending on the location, some public toilets are surprisingly sanitary. I know most fast food restaurants get a lot of traffic, but they're cleaned daily as a result and usually are clean unless someone intentionally makes a mess in them. Places like malls or parks don't get cleaned...
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    Help on wearing diapers !

    Depending on what sort of experience you're looking for, you might want to get baby powder, baby oil, some sort of soft lotion or etc. I'd advise against buying these with your diapers at the same time (or even the same store XD). Those are more basic items; if you want to indulge a little...