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    Babykins adult cloth

    I highly recommend them. In fact I just bought a third order and yes they are really nice to deal with over the phone. My first order, I called one of the stores that carry their baby diapers, (Diaper-eeze, on Bloor Street West) and had them order in my adult diapers and plastic panties. I...
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    Halp! Deciding between cloth diapers

    I use KINS and love them. rick
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    My fellow Britons - what do you think about the word "nappy"?

    Personnally I prefer the words diaper and panties to nappy and knickers. And I usally change them when editing/downloading a story. rick
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    The Canadian Federal Elections!

    I voted and my candidate lost :( The only way that the Liberals will kick ass is if Justin Trudeau becomes leader of the party. If that happens then I might vote Liberal otherwise NDP.
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    Diaper Condition:

    some in the nightstand and the rest in a box in the basement
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    Plastic Pants

    Shopper's DrugMart should carry them.... might have to really look hard for them.
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    I'm new. So how can I have more fun with AB Practices?

    Are you by yourself or with a partner?
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    Sensitive Subject - Answer only if you are comfortable. Has to do with Sexuality and preference.

    Like a lot of members; here strippers and lap dancers do nothing for me and I am straight. In fact I happen upon a shaker bar the other night (I was in Windsor, Ontario). I went in had a look around and thought nothing has changed in 25 years... still a pole, loud music, etc except the...
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    My formal hello

    So here goes my intro.... I have been on this site for a while now and I have contributed some and now feel comfortable enough to get to the personal. I am male straight white (Canadian) and in the 40-50 year old range. I am on my second marriage and we have three kids... two of hers one of...
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    Cloth and Disposable....UNITE!!!!

    How about the obvious... a folded cloth baby diaper.
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    As long you are in a long term committed relationship without force or coerision then what you do together sexually is your business. If not, then it is not right. Defining long term relationship, defining committed, defining without force or coerision is up to you and your partner. I just...
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    Sexual attraction

    You can add me to the list of people who are turned on by diapers and have a diaper fetish.
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    BabyKins Onesie--Opinions?

    I have purchased KINS diapers and plastic pants... regular and bloomers. I haven't had any problems with them and highly recomend the brand. I will likely buy more of their diapers and panties in the future.
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    Came out to my GF

    Once I determined that I wanted a long term relationship with my future wife and didn't want to have any secrets... I told her. Scary but the best thing to do. She accepts and goes along with it.
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    Pants/Underwear Wetting?

    I also enjoy peeing my pants. Holding it as long as possible and just letting go... feeling the hot pee running down my legs... knowing that a clean soft diaper awaits the naughty boy. And that uncontrolled feeling of letting go is very similar to cumming.