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  • I'z good, enjoying the winter chills although feeling a bit snuggleless lately, and trying to increase my crinklysoggyness as much as I can :)
    That's good, unless you have nosy friends/relatives who go snooping through your wardrobes :p (which could lead to some interesting and probably quite embarrassing moments :D )

    I always get a bit nervous when I have people near where I keep my "stuff", if only they knew that within a few meters from them lays something that would give them a whole new perspective on me xD (although I've become more daring since I nearly filled up my editing room with Abena cases concealed within boxes of DVDs and DVD covers and apparently no one suspected anything :p )
    Yeah^^ You´re right. I have searched some jobs now and I´ll hope that soon I have bigger apartment too. Gladly I have many wardrobes here where to put lots of AB-stuff *giggles* x3
    Ouch, hiding everything when people visit you must be really annoying, do you have to stop wearing as well or you manage to avoid them noticing? Btw, your apartment mustn't be *that* small if you manage to put all of your stuff away from people's view... I had to do the same once I had friends over at a seaside apartment, but I just had a bag of diaper supplies with me and it was not hard to conceal it. Getting my privacy back, along with the freedom of wearing, was really nice once the friends went away :p
    I've read you studied economics: if you manage to find a good job in your field, getting a bigger apartment shouldn't be an issue anymore ^^
    Nuhnuh, it's moar great that you did it ^^
    The idea of wearing 24/7 has always been infinitely fascinating to me, but then I'm so chicken that I always find a ton of excuses for not doing it (impracticality in work situations, possibility of getting busted, diapers not mixing well with my public image, diapers being uncomfy in hot weather... y'know, the usual ones) T.T
    How was your switch to padded life?
    My compliments (and a bit of envy) for the freshly achieved 8-months goal :2thumbsup:
    Hope you don't mind a friend request ^^
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