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  • Hi HDLover, just read your post looking for friendly advise. It isn't easy sometimes but things can be better. I was like you didn't go out etc. I changed jobs and it changed my life. Try to join a sport. There is alot out there to do once you have a look. What are your interests, I love cars, surfing, and swimming. I have not had a close friend in my life other then my wife as I have always be worried on what people would say. I have never been diagnoised with aspbergers but have been told that I show slight signs of it. So I used to keep to myself alot.
    But one day I just decided that I wanted to make a change so I left my job and started a new career, it took awhile to happen but I managed to work in an office with people my own age who invited me to do stuff. So I changed my life and met my wife and got married.

    Have a look at your situation and see what you can do. Don't let life pass you bye.
    Regards a friend.
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