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    Do I know thee....?

    Do I know thee....?
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    Hitting Children in Public

    Gah, honestly, there is a fine line between abuse and discipline. I'm really not against people hitting their kids, I'm against people BEATING their kids. People parent in their own ways and sure, some parents are better than others but discipline is discipline. Physical punishment was used for...
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    Out of control teens

    Well, now, this seems like a title for a "supernanny" episode, eh? Honestly, I have hardly ever seen anyone this abruptly rude to complete strangers. (Just once, but these kids were the same age as I and were just looking for a fight...) Granted, I've gone to school with people who've been...
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    Arizona now hates my race now (New Immigration Bill)

    Dude, totally saw this on the Daily Show. Frankly, I agree with Obama on this. It's misguided. Illegal immigration is an issue and should be dealt with, but not this way. The way I see it, many immigrants come to the US to improve their lives, and I really don't think they should be treated...
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    Ahahahaha!!! Goo is INSANE! You see her in a few of the future episodes, helping out Foster's...

    Ahahahaha!!! Goo is INSANE! You see her in a few of the future episodes, helping out Foster's and whatnot. Cheese is the funnies character, though, imo. Dude is psychotically hilarious. Is this the first time you've actually seen all the episodes?
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    CHOWDER SUCKED X= ....Fosters is wiiiiiiiiiiiicked bomb though xD LOVE Cheese xP

    CHOWDER SUCKED X= ....Fosters is wiiiiiiiiiiiicked bomb though xD LOVE Cheese xP
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    Roleplay Forum should be split in two

    Yeah, I agree with you guys. I'm not really all that into RPing (like, I've done it, I've loved it, but with people I barely know, I'm kind of shy when it comes to RPing), but I can certainly understand that it would be frustrating to dig through RPs when you're looking for a non-*b/dl RP, or...
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    Love is...

    "Because love is taking that dive Then, getting really comfortable and peeing in the pool And love is a real life porn Minus all the stuff that makes porn cool And love is a homeless guy Searching for treasure in the middle of the rain and Finding a bag of gold coins and slowly finding out...
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    North Korea and Iran

    North Korea: Omg! That's horrible! I hate liars D=< And Kim Jong Il really does have silly hair, doesn't he? Sorry you had to deal with all that, dude. Iran: Personally, I've never had anything against them. Yeah, the government can fucking eat me, as well as any anti-gay supporters it has...
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    Totally like, whatever you know?

    I actually watched that, and I did not hate it o.o
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    AIM: Karualpha! Add me people Dx

    AIM: Karualpha! Add me people Dx
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    Tell me about your faith.

    I think Wicca is beautiful..... Some of my best friends happen to be Wiccans... =D Anywho, Annie, I'm straight-up Christian, and I don't really have a denomination. I just love God and see Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I haven't been all that into religion for most of my life...
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    Man Cuts own "member" as suicide attempt

    Yes, it would still be visable, but like I said, at first it would appear that he ripped his own head off. Maybe he could jump out a window o.o
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    Man Cuts own "member" as suicide attempt

    I literally saw this topic and went "Whaaaaaaaaat?!" That's an insane way to try to kill yourself.... See, what he should've done was stand on a chair, tie pianowire around his neck, super-glue his hands to the sides of his face, and then jump off the chair, decapitating himself. Yes, I know...