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    We're good. He's working a ton with it being the summer. How are you and Shelly?
    Chowder is till a great show but it has died down for me. I used to really love that show. As I write this I just finished watching the Foster's Episode about Goo.
    I did but it failed :( Ended up just looking after my gay's boyfriend as he vomited everywhere and my boyfriend went back into the bar to have fun and leave me in the cold :/ Went home all angry after the first bar, haha.
    yeah no florida til around May 1. :( I'm tired of waiting haha. I am back in the US now though. Just waiting to gooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    Hey dude :) Added you on AIM but haven't seen you online yet. Don't worry about leaving quite a few visitors messages though! Makes me feel loved! Lmao :)
    Send her a big bunch of Mommy hugs from me.
    Meeeeeeeeeee????? Where've you been?????
    Next time you get the chance, youtube Strawberry Shortcake - Cuppy Cake song. It's sweet, in a tooth rotting kinda way :p And the earaches easing up a little, think my paci is actually helping xD
    I am quite good other than having a terrible ear ache :( No fun. Cuppy-cake is a cute name, hehe, I presume you know the Strawberry Shortcake song?
    Me + cupcakes = awesome reactions. Hello Shawn! I'm Rae [no really... because my username doesn't give that away] and I'd be more than happy to be friends! n_n How are you?
    I LOVE pokemon!! XD I won't have soulsilver til I get back to the states though cause the BX doesnt have it.
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